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Multigenerational Potential Homes- ASHEVILLE, N.C. ALERT



Multigenerational Homes Trend

"It's really good for children and young people to have a connection to their roots—
a sense of history and who they are. Older relatives provide that."
   ~ Donna Butts


According to a Home Features Survey by the National Association of REALTORS®, more buyers are also saying that they’d pay extra for a home with an in-law suite.  Here’s an animation not to be missed as it depictcs what you might refer to as The Ultimate Expanding  Multigenerational PALACE...

Biophilic Multigeneration Low-Energy House - Design Thesis Studio


 Many creative professionals are dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and older people through intergenerational collaboration.  This is especially true of Donna Butts (quoted above) who is the executive director of Generations United, or GU,   In terms of multigenerational homes, more and more  our real estate practice has been about that collaboration. One of the first questions we ask is, “ What is most important  to you.”

More and more these days,  we find that people are opting for homes that can work across three generations of the family.   This is born out by a recent Pew Research Center report that found that  living in mutigenerational households is on the rise. Is this simply due to family economics? Not so say a number of Asheville, N.C. homebuilders who tell us – “ the demand for housing that accommodates several generations under one roof [is and continues to be] on the rise... across all demographics and regions”.


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Multigenerational Potential Homes- ASHEVILLE, N. C. ALERT
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