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Asheville Urban Gardens, Tailgate Markets and Strawberries!

 Tailgate Markets, Strawberry-time and Asheville's Urban Gardens

It’s a great time of year here in Asheville-  May is an awesome time to visit our local tailgate markets (farmers markets) around this town. Asheville’s urban gardens  are enjoying the perfect sun and rain mix. (NOTE: There are a few small acres in-town that will be coming up for sale soon.)

Asheville Farmers Market- Some in-town land IS coming up for sale

(photo we took at UNCA tailgate market- great organic produce!)

Check out a copy of IN THE FIELD News Round Up, for newsy-news and (in this issue) a reminder that strawberry season is in full swing across the state… “…. and other fresh produce is right behind as we get closer to the summer harvest. Here in Asheville, May is a great time  enjoy delicious organic,  fresh produce, and celebrate the season with upcoming events such as:

25th Annual Spring Herb Festival – The Largest Herb Festival in the Southeast

Over 55 herb businesses from North Carolina and Southeast with the largest selection of herb plants anywhere, herbs, books, soaps, herbal crafts, medicinal herbs, lotions, dried flowers, herbal baked goods, herbal gifts and much more.

Master Gardener Plant Clinic

The NCSU Master Gardeners Program offers plant clinics to assist the public in diagnosing and solving gardening questions. All clinics are free, and the public is encouraged to bring samples from problem plants or insects that need to be diagnosed and/or identified. The Master Gardener Program provides research-based information on home horticulture. Trained Volunteers are prepared to help with advice on growing plants, insect identification and managing disease problems.

Vidalia Onion Day

Then, be sure to check out fresh cooked onion rings. Recipes will be available. Drawings will be held for bags of Vidalia Onions, processed products and other types of Vidalia gifts!





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