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3rd Place WinnerS. First Annual ActiveRain Race ….GREEN is Red Hot Contest ...YAY!

 The RESULTS are in! We're firing up the ol' juke box and inviting everyone at Active Rain to  come together as a community to celebrate andto GIVE all the participants and the winners a BIG round of applause (AKA comments)


You are emerald-green GEMS!! The entire collection of "tunes" at The Eco-All-Stars Group  shines.  Sure and Begorrah, you inspire this community.

Your articles talked to us about how we real estate professionals fit in the "green" market picture...and how we can get up to speed in the that market. Just like dancing, there's a lot to learn!   We have to consider results we might expect... think about what really works for us and our clients...get our minds and hearts involved. ...and look at  what rewards we think actually will show up, and on what levels... All this was covered in your articles. Thank you!


Active Rain Community members offered us over 50 thoughtful, thought-provoking, informative, good-natured, compelling, and fun-loving articles. Each deserves a star for spirit and quality and for what it contributes to the overall energy here at AR.  


Although reading the articles was delightful, it turned out to be quite a task, because we had the happy problem of so many great choices. How could we select just a few from the many excellent ? 

Dena, Gena , and I (janeAnne)  individually read the articles, and then came together to share our thoughts and findings. This contest produced such amazing results, that all we could think to do was to create a "play list" and place green stars along the way... (MORE ON THIS LATER)


Finally, after much consideration, we found a TIE...and selected two (2)
Third Prize Winners. ..

 DRUM   rollllll..... without further ado, here are


 Jeff Turner - Solar Energy Heating Up? ..Jeff gets the point across and is easily understood. He absolutely captures the spirit of stewardship and brings it home to real estate professionals.  



 Lola Audu- .... Green Confessions of a "Gen Y" Mom.  
(already Featured at AR) This article is right from the heart. It represents an authentic voice inspiring positive futures.




CONGRATULATIONS and 10,000 Happy Bows!
Congratulatory Comments on your articles will surely reflect the appreciation we all feel for your energy for this project!


  • 200 bonus points for Third Place
  • The Article will be Featured today on ActiveRain
  • The Article will receive a Gold Star and be Featured at ECO-All-Stars

We will announce the Second Place Winner tomorrow ...
and the First Place Winner will be disclosed on St. Patrick's Day, Saturday, March, 17!   

GOOD LUCK TO ALL......" may the road rise up to meet ya'.."





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3rd Place WinnerS. First Annual ActiveRain Race …. GREEN is Red Hot…
The RESULTS are in! We're firing up the ol' juke box and inviting everyone at ActiveRain to come together as a community to celebrate and to GIVE all the participants and the winners a BIG round of applause (AKA comments) TO ALL PARTICIPANTS… more
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