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Asheville Development, Travel Patterns and Community Leadership

I have a stake in what happens in my community. I am one person at work with my neighbors to make sure community leadership is responsible to me/Us.  I know that public action can influence City Council.

Case in Point: Just this past month, right here in Asheville, a group of neighbors got together when we discovered that a developer was seeking permission to build 150  homes and route trafficdown a two-lane country road, already mighty dangerous. The neighbors held garage and bake sales, hired an attorney and used some legal clout to which city council responded.

Speaking of roads. . .As a REALTOR® I’m always checking on what’s happening down at the D.O.T… I wonder about Travel Patterns, in general...and I wonder about ten years from now. . .

Here in Asheville, the next ten years may find a major highway bi-secting our small town. I-26 may/will cut through the middle of the city. Homes along the current approaches may/will well be impacted…
How do we soften the impact of this travel pattern?

Future Planning:  How is DOT planning to take into account certain very important aspects of quality of life?
The increasing mobility of workers over the last century has changed the relationship of urban and rural residents to the land. It has created a new genre of linkages between rural and urban areas,and altered the way we view regional economies.

Rural areas  increasingly are valued by residents who have economic ties to metropolitan areas. And whereas the suburban dream seemed delightful 50 years ago, it has become a slippery slope of melting snow…and what happens when we hit the bottom?   Travel Patterns that encourage sprawl leave our kids faced with the implications such as air quality and pollution. If nothing is done to ameliorate the traffic growth trend, CO2 emissions can be expected to increase by alarming percentages.  The impact of traffic-related air pollution on public health is responsible for premature deaths, chronic bronchitis in adults and in children,and asthma attacks…and air pollution hits children with asthma the hardest…..

Time is now for some great future planning.





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Asheville Development, Travel Patterns and Community Leadership
I have a stake in what happens in my community. I am one person at work with my neighbors to make sure community leadership is responsible to me/Us. I know that public action can influence City Council. Case in Point: Just this past month, right… more
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