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REALTORS GET IT...Change is Constant

UPDATE: June, 2007   

This was one of my very first posts. I almost deleted it back a few months ago because it is so "syrupy"..(is that a word?)..but I'm glad I didn't because someone might  READ ....and even comment. day.***

REALTORS get it! We know that change is a constant..possibly even more so these days. Here in Asheville, NC, for example, we seem to be in the midst of a a revolution of sorts. More and more people here in the Western North Carolina mountains notice changes. They are, subtle and not-so subtle, and have to do with the way we perceive our surroundings, and ourselves in the context  of all that is before us.

We look around at all the beauty, and sense that there is a larger meaning ...Here is a photo I took that explains that sense of place so prevalent in the mountains of North Carolina. You cannot help but feel "connected" here. And I think that it just melts people's hearts because they  know they "belong"....Asheville has been named the "Happiest City in the USA" and it's not hype. There really is a kind spirit gracing our by-ways.



Appalachian Viewshed

Barry and Janae (past clients of mine here in Asheville)  demonstrate this in their KINDNESS CAMPAIGN . It  reconfirms that we are in relationship to and with one another...something we REALTORS really get. We constantly deal with recognizing healthy (and unhealthy) patterns; we work with that recognition, and then we make meaning of what's in front of us.  That is something everyone can do, but for those of us REALTORS who practice this every day, the blessing is that what really matters comes quickly into focus. 

We REALTORS are at a pivotal point when it comes to making meaning. We work in  transaction liaison, after all. We are educators. We listen, communicate for understanding, influence outcome, coordinate, and come through for any number of parties in really complex scenarios.

 Over the years, I've asked myself how to make the most meaning of my real estate practice in our community . Our real estate practice has evolved to encompass "ECO conscious" investors in the mountains. Last year two of my clients, "little old ladies"  got together to help protect 100 acres and a gorgeous waterfall. They intend to make this a park their grandchildren will be proud to visit.

“Do well while doing good,” is my firm’s motto.  

Our mascot is the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. This 20 pound bird, the largest of the woodpeckers was thought extinct for the last 60 years. Yet, as if by a miracle, it recently was re-discovered in the great Old Growth Forests of the South.  "This event signals a second chance for all of us for renewed focus toward conscientious stewardship,” a spokesperson for our firm says. “We believe that  work and value-creation go hand-in-hand making meaning, within the context, not just content, is paramount. “  




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REALTORS GET IT… Change is Constant
UPDATE: June, 2007 This was one of my very first posts I almost deleted it back a few months ago because it is so "syrupy".. (is that a word? ).. but I'm glad I didn't because someone might READ… and even comment. . one day. ***… more
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