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Investing in Age-Friendly Green Homes

Real estate buyers and sellers are excited about investing in green homes in the Asheville, NC. Area- and with good reason.

A quick review of the facts and figures reveals  that

value-added features attract people
the demand for eco-savvy buildings is on the rise
environmentally conscious and non-toxic spaces are desirable and in demand – regardless of age or physical ability.

But what about costs?  Is having such a a home cost-prohibitive? Green Built  Homes on the market in Asheville range in price from $234,000 to $3,495,000. 

 Home Owner Benefits include:
•    Lower Energy Bills: through energy efficient lighting, equipment, and appliances
•    Healthier and Comfortable Indoor Environment: consistent temperatures and lower risk of mold growth
•    Increased Market Value: higher resale value of a home
•    Discount on electric bills for the life of the building
•    Financial Tax Incentives: state and federal tax credits for renewable energy and energy efficiency
•    Annual energy cost savings, and pollution prevention
•    Reduced air pollution through energy efficiency

The homes are no ugly ducklings, either!. Just look at the photos I took on a recent tour of green-built homes here in Asheville, and you’ll  see what I mean about the advantages when Investing in Age-Friendly Green Homes.



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Investing in Age-Friendly Green Homes
Real estate buyers and sellers are excited about investing in green homes in the Asheville, NC. Area- and with good reason. A quick review of the facts and figures reveals that value-added features attract people the demand for eco-savvy… more
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