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20 Aging In Place Ideas- LEED


 20 Aging In Place Ideas- LEEDone floor living with a view

Some time ago, here in Asheville, we developed a serious interest in The LEED for Neighborhood Development Program What caught our attention? This program  highlights  “True Green” design.

It raises awareness of what can work for “boomers” who  are planning for today and into the future. Tell me, tell me- what you think about this.  I selected twenty (20) topics - and wonder...

1) Do you think the list hits many of the points you desire in terms of sustainable excellence?

2) How many of these items would you/your clients find attractive?

3) When investing in a lifelong home (aging-in-place) could incorporating some/all on the list promote quality of life-regardless of age or physical ability?


Proximity to Work -Smart Location

Reduced Automobile Dependence

Bicycle Network

Reduced Parking Footprint

Compact Development

Diversity of Uses

Diversity of Housing Types

Walkable Streets

Street Network

Transit Facilities

Access to Surrounding Vicinity

Access to Public Spaces

Access to Active Public Spaces

Local Food Production

Certified Green Buildings

Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Reuse of Historic Buildings

Solar Orientation

Light Pollution Reduction

Innovation in Design 








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