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"Edens Lost and Found" Trends to Watch

Tonight I turned on PBS to watch the analysis of the mid-term elections then half-dozed, one dog at my feet another on her back, all fours in the air, until THIS   brought me upright and to full attention. The first of a  four-part series called Edens Lost and Found it will take us to Chicago, Philadelphia, LA, and Seattle  and in the process  get the large PBS audience, some 80 million people MOL,  talking seriously about the importance of sustainable urban ecosystems and what we all can do to improve quality of life, possibly bringing even more energy to an emerging trend in the real estate market .

 I shook my head and organized my self on the sofa. It seems that Chicago Mayor , Richard Daly, has "openly championed the principles of sustainability and has urged the city to develop natural habitats and green public recreation areas...." not without some major oppostion, I note. Just about then,  Deb Perryman a teacher who inspires greatness in her students (you have GOT to watch her little video here) entered the scene.

Here was a young woman totally motivating a group of teenage kids. The scene was taking place on a 35 AC parcel of land she somehow managed to salvage and then sculpt into a nature preserve right out the door of her school! I am an old teacher. I have to tell you I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I love seeing the twinkles  in kids eyes. And those kids' eyes were full of life, believe me. (That's part of why I love the real estate business...the twinkles in our clients' eyes, when they are Home! )    Back to the show. I gather that conservation organizations, communities, teachers and individuals, including a number of REALTORS® are working together to develop programs and initiatives to reconnect kids with nature in their own neighborhoods. Everybody wins. This makes me feel good about the future of the real estate business. How about you?   

FYI...realted news briefs:

The Sacramento Bee reported just this past Summer(2006)  that Sacramento's biggest developers are rethinking the way they will create their neighborhoods.  In an remarkable tribute, Angelo Tsakopoulos and his daughter Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis,  site a book called  Last Child in the Woods.   "This book is really going to change how we build neighborhoods," said Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis.

Derek Thomas, founder and chief operating officer of Newland Communities, the nation's largest privately owned residential developer, has committed his company to changing its design approach. "We need to find more ways to integrate community into nature," he told CBS News.

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