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Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate Market

Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate Market, December, 2006 thru January, 2007

Residential Sales Trends/ Existing Homes  Asheville, N.C. Asheville Board of REALTORS ® 

December, 2006 Real Estate Market Stats Buncombe County (Asheville area), North Carolina

Residential Properties on the Market: 2078                    
Residential Properties Pending: 702
Priced Over $1M: 117
Priced Under $50K :   7

Farms & Land on the Market in Combined Buncombe, Madison, Yancey Counties :  2107 

Asheville, North Carolina Buncombe County

Pending: 242
Priced Over $1M: 161
Priced Under $50K : 2989

Our market is moving toward:

  • Lower operating costs- Lower utility bills for heating and cooling
  • Increased comfort- Improved indoor air quality
  • Creating lasting value- Third party review
  • Building with health in mind- Lowered Environmental Impact

NC Healthy Built Homes: DUE in 2007: 378

As of January, 2007, the average list price for an existing home in the Asheville area is about $392,000. The price has increased about 10% percent since this time last year. Home Appreciation ...Annual appreciation rate for homes in the Greater  Asheville area is up 12.5 percent as of the second quarter of 2006. The data reflects same-home sales information collected by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO). The Asheville appreciation rate tops the nationwide pace of 10 percent  and our area's appreciation rate ranks 83 among 275 metros across the USA.

NC Healthy Built Homes: 24...DUE in 2007: 375




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Asheville, North Carolina Real Estate Market
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