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Ring the Bells! . . .Pink is the New Green...And the Winners ARE. . . . .

ActiveRain is a terrific place to strengthen your knowledge about trends in the market. We write informative posts. We converse in Groups that sizzle. We have fun by flexing our blog-muscles in contests that explore what's on the horizon.  So, we all reap the rewards of sharing our knowledge here.

Exploring trends in real estate is one of my favorite pursuits, no doubt about it.  But I'm sure you will agree, that research in the area of trends simply is not complete without incorporating - your own opinions  about what's ahead in 2008 and beyond, and what you would like to see happening in your own homeplace... (I myself read and poll numerous sources, and have a growing list of trendy-green items I plan introduce into my mountain home in Asheville, North Carolina.) I've noticed that here at AR, talking with each other "rings the bells " when it comes to finding out what we need to know about what's down the road.

Over at the Eco-All-Stars Group, for example, we're finding out about what our clients are likely to be demanding in 2008... green retrofits, "green-built" new construction with eco-friendly features that intrigue clients, and much more.

Earlier this month, Dena Stevens spearheaded a challenge to all the Active Rain  members   to showcase choices and trends in the "green" residential market.  In the "if money were no object...what would you incorporate in your own home  [or those being constructed in Brad Pitt's Make it Right" Project..."]  we not only opened up a fascinating conversation...but an invitational to all Active Rain Members.

Competition winners (judged by a panel of ECO certified real estate professionals ) would receive bonus points for their blog post winning entries. The excitement mounted as outstanding posts arrived to meet the "Brad Pitt/Dena Stevens Pink" Challenge.  It was almost impossible to narrow down the field. Judges had to use a point system and then the winners were only separated by a few points! But narrow it down they did....And here the winners are. . .


RING THE BELLS  for The Winners of the ActiveRain Contest / Brad Pitt, Dena Stevens "Pink" Challenge 
who will be featured through this winning announcement..... they are:

1st Place - Dave Roberts  1st Place - 1,000 bonus points

Dave, your "design from the top down" post was delightful, and totally communicated why you chose the 5 elements you did...You explained..."The recent Solar Decathlon on the national mall featured dozens of entries that were all highly efficient and innovative. They proved that creating an energy efficient home is technically very realistic. I'm going to talk about five things I would do to make my building lovably sustainable."  

You can read and comment on Dave's 1st Place Entry  HERE

2nd Place - Georgina Hunter   2nd Place -500 bonus points - Georgina, similar to Dave's, your post caught the judges' eye(s)... "OK, " you tell us,"  so if money were absolutely no object we could have done things differently and here's what I would put on my wish list for the futureL  read on 

3rd Place - Bill Roberts   3rd place- 300 bonus points - Bill, you explained... I am not an artist or an architect so there are no drawings. You have to close your eyes and imagine it...." 
And that is just what we did. Active Rain members reading your delightful post, tell me they are the recipients of vivid mental images, and smiles. . .read on


Special Honorable Mentions -  Green Thumbs Up to-

Dena, Stephanie, and Mary   All of whom wrote WINNING POSTS...but since you volunteered to judge this disqualified your post. Therefore, you are herby awarded ...Special Honorable Mention and the Big Green Thumbs Up!

 Honorable Mentions -   Lane, Brent... Michael Pulakamp   a wonderful job.... we had to give you some AR positivism, too!


All of You.... thanks for taking all of us on your journey ---goodimagineering and times! As I read each post I so enjoyed the detail, educational benefits for me and my clients and the excellent conversation that has developed in the comment section on your posts.  AND...for those of you who didn't "win", ActiveRain is showering you with "gifts of the season" -ALL those that entered and did not win bonus points --- you will be each getting 200 points!!! 

Thank You to the Contest Judges  And we cannot forget our judges and the inspiration for this contest - Dena Stevens, Mary Bigelow, Stephanie Edwards-Musa - 500 points for their effort! Mary Bigelow - Stephanie Edwards-Musa - Dena Stevens -

FINALLY...a big round of applause for Brad Pitt... as Georgina and Dave pointed out.. "You have to applaud Brad Pitt for taking on such a monumental project, and getting the ball rolling with a $5 Million contribution.  His heart is in the right place, and he is leading by example...[with his Pink Project ]. . . 

"Making It Right is a wonderful idea for rebuilding New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. The Pink Project'sconcept of building 150 eco-friendly homes is a brilliant way to combine reconstruction with education about the planet's ecological and climate balance. The web site illustrates many specifics of the New Orleans design and appliance decisions. The designers made some very good choices for homes that have to be both affordable and sustainable. For today's market they are doing exactly the right thing."

May 2008 ring in abundant blessings. ..for everyone!




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