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Lakeview Park, Asheville, N.C. Neighborhood by the Lake

 The Lakeview Park Neighborhood ~ Asheville, N.C. ~
A Community Embracing a Sustainable Future.

Beaver Lake and Asheville's walkable Lakeview Park Neighborhood.   


Not more than five minutes from downtown Asheville, Beaver Lake shines like a diamond in the morning sun. (see photo)  Though private, the lake has been a popular public spot since its creation in the early 1920s. Beaver Lake was created by damming Beaver Creek and flooding what had been known as Baird Bottoms. In 1922, J.D. Murphy and Fred Sale began buying land along Beaver Creek for an exclusive housing development to be known as Lakeview Park.

Centered around Beaver Lake,Asheville NC's Lakeview Park walkable neighborhood followed a plan made by city planner Dr. John Nolen. Source: The State of Buncombe    Almost 90 years later, we walk around Beaver Lake almost every week, throughout the seasons. It is beautiful no matter what time of year. We visit our neighbors, continue to be amazed with the  views of the surrounding mountains, sweet picnic spots, colorful canoes gliding by and a sense of "all's right" that seems to be in the air.

The Lakeview Park neighborhood  is a neighborhood in which the  people simply delight.

 If you are a birder,  you will love the Beaver Lake Sanctuary where you can spot LOONS, GREBES, CORMORANTS, HERONS, SWANS, GEESE, AND DUCKS. HUMMINGBIRDS and WOODPECKERS...just to begin to name a few. Here's a checklist my birding friends take with them when they walk the boardwalk into the magical Sanctuary.  where an awareness and appreciation of nature, wildlife and natural ecosystems, and responsible environmental stewardship come together.  . The sanctuary was established in the mid-1980s, when the Audubon Society successfully led an effort to prevent construction of a strip mall on the site. 

The sanctuary provides about a half-mile boardwalk loop with two lake overlooks and several benches, and an eco-filter pond designed to clean up storm run-off before it enters the lake and the French Broad River system. No matter what time of year, it is wonderful for a solitary walk and observation, or a quiet family sojourn.   From my visits there, I would estimate that the Sanctuary is about half uplands and half wetlands and lakeside.

The Elisha Mitchell Audubon Society, a chapter of National Audubon, of which I am a member, owns half the 10-acre sanctuary and manages the rest under an agreement with the Lakeview Park homeowners' association. Interestingly, about 5 years ago,  Audubon began a major effort to replace invasive/exotic vegetation in Beaver Lake Bird Sanctuary with native plants

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