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STARlight #8 ~ You're "IT", KRISTAL KRAFT!

This is the 8th in a series on STARlight People and Performances at Active Rain. You can catch those you may have missed by checking the list at the end of this article...but stay with me now, because I have a great  story to reveal today!

Kristal KraftToday, we're shining the light on KRSITAL KRAFT.Here's your chance to get to know her and to look into articles that offer practical remedies from which we all can benefit.  This feature shines the light on useful value-added factors real estate professionals can add to their toolbox when involved in their multi-faceted transactions.

STARQuotes: " I love construction sites.  It must be in my blood, my Father raised us four kids and put food on the table as a mason contractor.  He built things with concrete and brick.  He built things to last for the ages.  I fondly recall the pride showing in his eyes as he would point out the places he built.  What a feeling it must be to take something from nothing to something.Builders do it everyday. I bet their kids take pride in them as I do in my Dad's work.  He made me proud my whole life long."

"Sometimes our best laid plans aren't all that great.  Evaluating the actual result vs the desired result is important to both your reputation and your piece of mind.'

THAT being said, you can imagine why Kristal inspires the best in this online community (<-see guiding principles at this link) ....and why we created this series. It brings into focus the contribution of one of our AR members in terms of sustainability and how that relates to your real estate practice... today... and into the future. We hope  that it  will brighten our (already bright) AR community.                      

Please give a round of applause (your comments) to..... KRISTAL KRAFT for her many articles on that encourage all the members of this community and remind us to  that "evaluating the actual result vs the desired result is important to both your reputation and your piece of mind.'




I asked Kristal to tell us something about herself that we might not where she was born and where she's lived.  "I was born and lived on the New Jersey Shore until I was 22, " she answered, then added, " AS much as I loved the ocean the call of the West rung strong on my ears. 

 I moved to Colorado Springs and raised a family of two sons and one daughter.  We all moved to the Denver metro area about 12 years ago."  Lucky for Kristal, her children all live near her in Denver.  " I have 2 adorable Grandsons and 1 inherited Granddaughter." she revealed. "When I first met my Granddaughter she said to me, 'My Mom says you are like a Grandma to me, but I already have a LOT of Grandmas.'  I told her that was OK; I could be an extra Grandma.  She liked that and now calls me Grandma X.  Of course I find myself explaining what that means!"

On relocation, her specialty Kristal says: "Over the course of my life so far, I have moved 24 times. Guess it is no surprise my real estate specialty is relocation!"

Kristal's gentle sense of humor is well-known here at the Active Rain Community.  Whether coming or going, her photos sometimes give us a hint of that endearing quality.








Pet Peeve. Not appreciating what you have.  It is so easy to fall into the trap of wanting more and more. We forget how lucky we are and fail to enjoy much of what we already have. I believe there is honor in doing a day's work, no matter what it is. 

I get annoyed when others try to avoid work but want to reap the benefits of someone else's perspiration.  Who is going to pull the cart if everyone wants to ride? 

 janeAnne here: You don't have to be an ice-scientist to understand what Kristal's pointing out.


But this photo (to your left) that she took says it all.



Favorite home- I love the home I live in, it's a bright sunny place with large rooms with a view of the golf course and the front range of the Rocky Mountains.  My other favorite home is my Marmot tent.  I love spending time on the road and in my tent.  Living a simple life is more rewarding.  Less is more, when I am on the road traveling I love to find ways to do things that don't include a car.

Food: I live in an area where we can have just about any kind of food.  When I'm in the mood I cook.  I'm not a fancy cook but enjoy trying new dishes.  Now that my family is grown it's really nice when they take over and cook. My daughter has an amazing flair for cooking.  She loves to organize the family functions, pulling together a menu where each member can bring something they are good at preparing. I supply the house and they concoct a feast.

Vacations: I like active vacations.  My dream vacation is a week at a working ranch taking photos of Cowboys, Indians and horses! In the year 2000 I took the whole year off to travel around the world on a bicycle.  That year I rode in 47 countries on 6 continents.  Someday soon I must to go to Antarctica to complete my goal of riding on all 7 continents.  I will go as soon as I am a better photographer.  It's a once in a life-time trip, I don't want to come home with poor photos!


 Congratulations, KRISTAL!  You're an ECO-STAR!
janeAnne, Moderator...AKA Green-o-Lina






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STARlight #8 ~ You're "IT", KRISTAL KRAFT!
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