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Putting Some "Irish" in Negotiation, Communication & Resolving Differences.

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One of my favorite proverbs is, "May you live in interesting times." Would you agree those times are here and now- ? If you have any doubts, simply travel abroad. You'll view current events from a fresh perspective, as I discovered on our recent trip to. Ireland. Negotiation, communication & resolving differences--possibly no nation on Earth knows more about this than the Irish. They offer us a  history lesson with  flowers to celebrate a recent resolution.

For real estate professionals  who understand the importance of negotiation, communication and resolution, Ireland's long history of conflict, from  the  mid-5th  when St. Patrick (and other missionaries)  brought Christianity, subsumed pagan beliefs and subsequently played a major role in Ireland's history, culture and internal conflict is fascinating. St Patrick


               Here I am, a shadow by the stone marking the place where
                                                  St. Patrick is said to be buried.



 According to Wikipedia,  "...from around 800, more than a century of Viking invasions wrought havoc upon the monastic culture and on the island's various regional dynasties, yet both of these institutions proved strong enough to survive and assimilate the invaders. The coming of Anglo-Norman mercenaries ... marked the beginning of more than 800 years of direct English involvement in Ireland. ...[A} series of military campaigns between 1534 and 1691[and] official English policy of plantation ... led to the arrival of thousands of English and Scottish Protestant settlers. From this period on, sectarian conflict became a recurrent theme in Irish history." 

Today, the people of Ireland are choosing negotiation and communication. Resolving differences, they have created a certain respectful peace. How did they accomplish this? They did it through talking with each other. There is an application of this in the practice of real estate, to be sure. 

Getting Perspective: We hopped the bus into Dublin, checked into our hotel and then strolled along a  main thoroughfare.  We could not believe the busy throngs of people walking wide sidewalks on this partly-sunny day. Dublin was really hopping.   Later we'd head out to a pub just down the street. Get some fish and chips.  First, however, I wanted to capture a few shots of Dublin's overflowing hanging baskets.

To me flowers overflowing  are reflective of peace and creativity, simultaneously arrived.                       

Other than the murals (see photos in coming post) depicting recent conflict that finally came to a negotiated resolution, the thing I'll probably remember most about Dublin are those flower baskets, which are reputedly the loveliest in the world. 

I have to say that  my photos on this page don't do the flower baskets justice. But I hope you get a sense of something we all can celebrate .

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update: if you like this post, please subscribe to my blog! Thankyou! One of my favorite proverbs is, "May you live in interesting times. " Would you agree those times are here and now- If you have any doubts, simply t ravel abroad… more
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