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Green Communities, A Party on the Land, Part 2

This is the second of a series  of posts on eco-sensitive land development  and eco and/ or green green communities and the LAND asheville, nc communities   in the mountains of western North Carolina. 

 As a point of interest... 

Here are a few criteria  for such stewardship projects as set out by the Green Communities organization:

  1. Integrated Design
  2. Site, Location and Neighborhood Fabric
  3. Site Improvements
  4. Water Conservation
  5. Energy Efficiency
  6. Materials Beneficial to the Environment
  7. Healthy Living Environment
  8. Operations and Maintenance

(To learn if your project has the potential for green classification and Green Communities grants and funding, see the full criteria and requirements. Request the Green Criteria.

In the first post,  I told the story of how we had  gone out on the Land (and a very nice sized building site it will be)  and had staked out the site with spritely little orange flags. It was a party. 

Of course, this is just the "first shovel" so to speak.  If you love the Land, (as I do) you need to be prepared for at least 500 questions that such an  experience will evoke from the soon-to-be  new stewards of this Land...So today, I'm tossing  just a few of those questions your way.....and possibly a smile or two ...

 First of all, I have to tell you that there really is nothing like hanging out at the local eateries  in a vicinity to get the latest news...and answers to questions such as: How's the soil for growing things, what options exist for getting power to the Land, can we make a swimming hole? and so forth... But, as Eco Certified® Real Estate Consultants, we 're inclined to refer our clients to even  more experts for answers, as you will see as you read the answers to the first round of questions are new Land Stewards had for us.

First Round of Questions...Your Turn is Coming Up Next

Q. How's the soil for growing things?
A. Have a soil analysis done by Professional Analytical Lab 

Q. What kind of animals could/would you have there?
A. seems good to me for farm animals, but let's ask the Permaculture people 

Q. What kind of animals will be roaming around?
A. deer, turtles, snakes, bugs, maybe a coyote or two, bear?? 

Q. What options exist for garden/mini-farming?
A. First let's ask the solar -orientation expert you select and then , again the Permaculture people 

Q. What are some grading options?

A. We can give you three references to just the folks who can answer that questions 

Q. Where's the spring?  Could/would we set it up so it irrigated a garden?
A. Let's ask the Seller/Seller's Broker to show you the spring...and ask the pond expert you select to talk with you about irrigation/ponds, etc.)

 Q. How exactly does one put in a pond that would be home to wildlife, fish etc.
A. Again... let's ask the pond expert you select to talk with you about  irrigation/ponds, etc. 

Q. Could there be a swimming hole part (14' diameter section)?
A. Lots of regulations about this. We will need to consult. We will refer you too a number of experts for their opinions. 

Q. How high up the ridge would it be prudent/ecological/economic to build?
A. We have some very definite opinions about this having  to do with steep slope ordinances, erosion and soil disturbance....but... those are just let's plan on asking this to the person you have chosen at Equinox Environmental.

Q. Could we put a trail with switchbacks up to the top and put a little fire pit up there
A There may be fire district restrictions. Let's check on that.

 Q. How much poison ivy can one clear out or should we make just a trail up the hill?
A.  If I  were as allergic to PI as you are...I would want to look carefully at this.


Here's our local answer man...

Now it's your turn...ask away! We'll try to answer....

 Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by The Activerain Network and it's members and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not reflect the opinions of janeAnne "Greenolina"  Broker/Owner of The ECO-Steward Real Estate Firm which is not responsible for the accuracy or content provided by The Community.

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