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The American Institute of Architects "GreenStep" Initiative.

  green building The American Institute of Architects (AIA)  recently instituted a "GreenSteps" initiative with a series of instructive videos available for architects, other professionals and the public.  

"There's been a lot of talk about changes in our climate lately. CO2 emissions, dwindling resources, and energy usage are growing concerns in every walk of life, " a spokesperson for the organization reported.

 " AIA Architects, in particular, want to address those concerns. We strongly believe that the time for talk has passed, and now it is time to walk the walk. "

Photo courtesy of AIA 

Living here in Asheville, NC, where real estate professionals and our clients more and more are in the know, and are demanding green-excellence in housing opportunities, I could guess that nowhere is that green-excellence more visible than right here in our fair city. 

Certainly, the local Asheville, AIA Chapter actively is seeking to " work together to address issues of concern for our region such as historic preservation, smart growth, sustainability, green building, affordable housing and more."  

 ** Here in Asheville, we have seen that sustainable design makes an impressive  difference. We have also seen that it is important to feel knowledgeable and confident when exploring the Green issues including costs and design.

Many of the purveyors of green-excellence  here in Asheville consider an historic effort by the American Institute of Architects,  a boon. It comes in the form of a series of videos now available online called, " Green Architecture Resources for Clients."  Researching these webpages I found information on

1) costs,  including information about tax breaks and rebates, lower construction costs, reducing or eliminating the need for heating and air-conditioning equipment and the associated costs of purchase, maintenance and electricity, and on cutting energy and water bills by as much as half-  

2) what  actually makes a green building "Green"  and  

3)  ROI tables  where you can share the © GREENandSAVE RIO tables
with other people via the code provided. 

...good info if you are interested in planning new buildings or the renovation of existing buildings-and have "green concerns". . .

 GreenStepand the  multipart video series on the benefits of green architecture are HERE> . Most of the series is already available and you can look for completion by the end of the year.

  • Greenstep 1: Water Conservation - already posted.
  • Greenstep 2: Smart Controls - already posted.
  • Greenstep 3: Radiant Heating and Cooling - already posted.
  • Greenstep 4: Vegetation for Sun Control - already posted.
  • Greenstep 5: The Whole Building Approach - already posted.
  • Greenstep 6: Green Tags - already posted.
  • Greenstep 7: Energy Modeling - September 29
  • Greenstep 8: Green Roofs - October 13
  • Greenstep 9: Daylighting - October 27
  • Greenstep 10: Choosing Green Materials - November 10
  • Greenstep 11: Carbon Offsets - November 24
  • Greenstep 12: Deconstruction - December 8


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(*)/'(*)    ..........      ............and always remember that " poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition." -Eli Khamarov  .......  We are in a sustainable  world, so grab hold of your Muse... dream that world... and make it happen!. .........................    .............

The American Institute of Architects "GreenStep" Initiative. The Eco-Steward Firm, ALL Eco-Certified® Real Estate Consultants!  Copyright © 2008 All Rights Reserved.




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