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Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate and Relocation: MARKET OUTLOOK-On the Horizon, It's GREEN (Part 1)

 Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate and Relocation: MARKET OUTLOOK-On the Horizon, It's GREEN (Part 1) 

ASHEVILLE, N.C  , Winter to Spring, 2009 :: THE REAL ESTATE  MARKET OUTLOOK IS GREEN-   janeAnne takes a look at the ASHEVILLE real estate "horizon"

If you're like me, (see photo) an avid real estate market watcher, real estate trends  and the market outlook capture my attention.... especially nowadays.

For many years now, I have been noting and advising on the real estate market  for our clients who are relocating to the Greater Asheville area.

As a member of a team of eco-oriented and savvy professionals and a "green" buyers' broker,  I am particularly focused on eco-friendly development and construction.

From that perspective then, here (and in Parts 2,  3 and 4) is  a rundown of the real estate market outlook in the Greater Asheville Area.

Asheville Market Outlook:

On the horizon  I  am pleased to see the continuing strength of "green", eco-friendly homes and land sales.  Also on the horizon:  "mountains" of opportunity and "Carolina Blue skies" with positive predictions for 2010 .

 Check out these stats:

Population:Greater Asheville Area 398,009   
Asheville, proper: about 80,000 

According to AOL Real Estate  the trend of average home values in Asheville, NC. The average estimated value of a home in Asheville, NC was $356,751 in January 2009, up 0.50% from December 2008.

Good...but even better is the "GREEN" property news where Green-built NEW HOMES attract eco-savvy buyers and investors and the news for resale is excellent due to the value-added factors HealthyBuilt ®certification means.

asheville Healthy Built GREEN New ConstructionWhat is a HealthyBuilt® Home?  

It is a third-party certification system for energy efficient and green healthy homes. To be certified,  qualified professionals conduct on-site inspections to ensure they maintain very high standards requiring compliance for energy and water efficiency, indoor air quality, non-toxic materials, and environmental performance.


(here is a photo showing a green-built home in Asheville--very charming and great for the 1st Time Home Buyer with special tax incentives now available!..this and/or other new GREEN homes can be seen when you go for one of our Green Arrow Tours)

Typical green home features include high efficiency heating and cooling systems and windows; nontoxic paints and adhesives; recycled and renewable building materials; and drought-resistant landscaping that does not require irrigation.

1st Time and Eco-savvy buyers also can enjoy the possibility of Energy Efficient Mortgages with special and/or  low financing costs, government rebates and incentives, as well as lower insurance rates.

Check out WNC Green Building Council  and please note the following: Appreciation in the Asheville area:  Five(5) year change: 55.46%

 New Construction is a good indicator of economic stability/growth.

We cover Asheville's new "Green" construction  in Part 2 of this series.

Curious about sustainable Green real estate possibilities ? Simply pedal on over to  Convivial Blogger Greenolina's  "Green Wheels" BLOG  and SUBSCRIBE 

(*)/'(*)    .......... keep on rolling into the sustainable  world you can create today and tomorrow!. .........................    .............

Asheville "GREEN" Real Estate and Relocation: MARKET OUTLOOK-It's GREEN (Part 1).The Eco-Steward Firm, ALL Eco-Certified® Real Estate Consultants!  Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved

A Note to Buyers and Investors.

FOR OBJECTIVE REAL ESTATE COUNSEL from Eco Certified ©Real Estate Consultants contact our Eco-Friendly Team via email links here, or at 828-255-1082 . ... design your dream , give us your checklist , or start by simply seeing   Asheville, North Carolina on one of our GREEN ARROW "Just Looking" "green" LIMO Tours .

The ECO Certified ® Real Estate Consultants at The ECO Steward Real Estate Firm  specialize in working with eco-developers and LAND for sale in the Greater Asheville, North Carolina area. We are excited about value-added, ECO-friendly properties, and focus on positive futures. Our real estate practice inspires property investments for wealth of the generous kind



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