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Unique Mountain Acreage Attracts Treasure Seekers

It's like finding treasure ..... The sheer choices in variety when it comes to acreage here in the Greater Asheville (Buncombe, Madison, Henderson and Yancey County) has always attracted people area. I've been reading a novel set in 18th century North Carolina that makes it clear that even in 1776 people braved ocean waves and mountain passages just to be here! YES... It is like finding treasure .....

In the past, even 20 years ago, it was not too difficult for land lovers to secure significant tracts of land here in the Appalachians, whether for investment or for conservation purposes.  However, today locating attractive acreage can be challenging. There only are  5  large (over 500 acre and commonly known to be available) tracts within 50 or so miles of Asheville, N.C. (Winter, 2009)


See chart just below this amazing photo showing Asheville area conservation land
adjacent to Hickory Nut Forest Eco-Community.


Acreage                           $$$$$$

517                                    $  5.1 Million
582                                    $   8.5 Million

690                                     $   5.5Million
742                                     $ 14.9 Million
748                                     $ 13.5 Million


Whether the land is old family land, as much of the above it, and is used for farming, or  forest land with awesome views, waterfalls, streams, the  unique quality makes it an excellent choice for conservation real estate investors; perhaps even a Preserve .  It seems that unique mountain acreage always has and always will attract treasure seekers.


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Unique Mountain Acreage Attracts Treasure Seekers
It's like finding treasure… The sheer choices in variety when it comes to acreage here in the Greater Asheville (Buncombe, Madison, Henderson and Yancey County) has always attracted people area. I've been reading a novel set in 18th century… more
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