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Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: Getting Beyond the Board

Do you find that people tend to get engrossed in their own "thing"?  It is easy to forget the Carolina Bluesky..and all that  lies beyond including the heartbeat of the community. I just looked at the work Diane Aurit did in her community, and felt comforted to know that the tremble of widespread discomfort is somehow softened because she engages the hopes and dreams of others.

This photo reminds me to look inside, gain insight, and then look beyond... to the world outside..Possibly,what affects one of us, affects all of us. we get beyond that solid barrier....

Beyond the Board



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Do you find that people tend to get engrossed in their own "thing"? It is easy to forget the Carolina Blue sky.. and all that lies beyond including the heartbeat of the community. I just looked at the work Diane Aurit did in her community… more
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