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head_left_image "Asheville 6th Best..."

Asheville is in the News! rates "Asheville

6thBest metro area in the nation...Full Story HERE rates Asheville 6th Best metro area in the nation for business and careers.

 "One business sector poised for major growth locally is the green energy field. Alternative energy companies are about to get a major chunk of stimulus money.... President Obama announced an extra $800,000 dollars for the City of Asheville to hire people for energy projects."

Meanwhile, the 1st Quarter of 2009 underscores that report as
Asheville's  GREEN real estate market continues Strong

NC HeatlhyBuilt© Homes
Sold in 1stQuarter  2007, 2008, 2009
: : MLS Three-Year Real Estate Market Statistics

YEAR        SOLD (Q1)                PRICE RANGE
2007         3                       $220 to $320K.
2008         1                       $ 201,000 K

2009         6                       $260 to $980,000K


Energy Star Homes  

Sold in 1stQuarter  2007, 2008, 2009
: : MLS Three-Year Real Estate Market Statistics

YEAR        SOLD (Q1)                PRICE RANGE
2007         4                       $150 to $379K.
2008         1                       $ 421,000

2009         9                       $209 to $895K



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