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Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: Pet-Friendly

Now and then, often when least you expect it, a photo arrives in your life that makes you just have to smile. Kids, and kittens and kites flying high in the sky can all have that effect. This sunny Asheville morning I had to put my coffee cup down to capture a conversation that got me grinning ear-to-ear . 

I'm just not quite sure what they were saying...but could this be proof--positive that pet-friendly conversations do take place high in the mountains? And does anyone have a clue what they were saying"

pet-friendly talk in asheville, nc


Wishing YOU a smile this Sunday morning. . .



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Asheville "Scene " Around Town Photo Series: Pet-Friendly
Now and then, often when least you expect it, a photo arrives in your life that makes you just have to smile. Kids, and kittens and kites flying high in the sky can all have that effect. This sunny Asheville morning I had to put my coffee cup down… more
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