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Asheville Second & Vacation Home Gem : Drovers Road Preserve

You have been invited on a tour of 7 Asheville Second-Vacation Home Locales  you may consider when Asheville Eco Development Drovers Road- landrelocating to Asheville, NC. 

 On this crisp mountain morning, we head out to look at the eco-friendly development -

Drovers Road Preserve  , a sustainable residential community of 190 acres  in Fairview, NC, the third stop on our tour.

Drovers Road is a thoughtfully laid out eco- development.

It  is a special find for Second-Vacation home investors, not only be cause it is beautiful, and populated with a number of Certified Healthy Built ®Homes, but because it is within an easy half hour drive of  downtown Asheville.  (photo shows old drovers trail and historical marker)

When investing in a Second or Vacation property proximity to the amenities of Asheville  such as the Diana Wortham Theater, Early Girl (restaurant that serves locally-grown and harvested organic produce) Mission Hospital and the Asheville Airport, could be important to you. Here you  have convenient access not only to theatre, music, art galleries, and delicious dining experiences, but can also look forward to adventures in the out-of-doors--  walking trails, picnic shelters, and overlooks with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.  

Proximity: Just 2 minutes from a fabulous CSA where you can get locally-grown organic produce, and 6 minutes to grocery stores, Drovers Road offers a feeling of seclusion without the feeling of being remote. It is a 20  minute drive from Asheville.

As We Tour Drovers Road Preserve Please Note the

Careful attention that has been given to the soil. This ensures that it can adequately support septic systems, and slope, to further limit the environmental impact of development.

Obvious evaluation of slope allowed the developers to place the roads to limit impact and removal of trees

  Design elements like innovative stormwater management techniques also speak to the eco-friendly approach of the development.

The amazing constructed wetland used to treat stormwater runoff by allowing the settling of sediment and pollutants contained in the runoff.

The bio-retention ponds (or rain gardens) that use a porous soil mix containing sand to allow excess water to trickle into the depression and become absorbed. 

Other Features and Benefits for the Second and/or Vacation Home Investor:  

Drovers Road Preserve is a place of historical interest. It adjoins the well-worn path  taken by drovers and their animals many, many years ago. (see photo at top) You can read about this on the historical makers that grace the site.   So if you love a sense of history, you have come to the right place. 

For the Horse Lover, here is an interesting feature: Each residential lot adjoins the Preserve lands. This means Second and Vacation home owners not only have easy access to miles of hiking trails, but also to equestrian trails. Equestrian trails can be of great importance to many of our clients, so I am highlighting their availability. You will want  to select horse boarding facilities nearby. 

Before the development was created, Equinox Environmental planned for preserving the history of this place. The Drovers Road Preserve conservation easement held by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy actually  was developed by Equinox Environmental  to protect those 110 acres, and allow specified development  (including deed restrictions and lot size) on the other 76 acres. 

The easement permanently protects a majority of the forested, mountainous terrain from all future development. It is held by the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy . Many of the locales we are visiting in this series are protected in this way.

 What a perfect setting for a LEED® Certified home. And we know the perfect General Contractor  who can make this happen for you.  Take this as a clue to what Second and Vacation home seekers can expect in terms of excellence in this Asheville area community. In fact, only  twenty-three (23) homesites where custom homes already are carefully blended into the existing ecosystem can be found here.    

If you are seeking a luxurious but natural lifestyle where mountain views, nature trails, and pristine streams invite you to relax and enjoy the quality of life, you have come to the right place. 

Note:  Considering Drovers Road terms of the business of vacation rentals? Please check out the deed restrictions.     

certified healthy-built home near ashevilleThe home pictured here, a WNC Healthy-Built®  home  with an open floor plan and exquisite custom craftsmanship and details sold for $895,000 in 2009.  No other homes are available for sale right now. However.... there are a number of  unique building sites ranging in price from approximately $215,000 to $700,000 currently available at Drovers Road.

 We are in the business of finding incredible Land and Green-Built Homes for our clients, whether that be Homes and Land for Sale by Owner or listed on the MLS.  So let me know what you think.


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