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Asheville's Neighbor, Brevard NC Dubbed #3 Coolest Small Town

As an unabashed animal advocate and admirer, I am fascinated with a town in the Greater Asheville area our neighbor just 30 minutes form downtown A'ville, Brevard. white squirrel festival in Brevard NC

Brevard is the home to an array of amazing offerings, but one of my favorites, being the animal-lover I am,  is the Annual White Squirrel Festival.

It takes place this very Memorial Day weekend as it has for the past 7 years.  

How many towns could boast such an event? Did you even know that white squirrels exist?Or that they live happily in Brevard?

Here's proof. (see my photo)

But squirrels are not the only animal to find a safe place to land in Brevard.


If you are a pet-friendly person, you will find a smile on your face when you read about Brevard's Dog Rescue Team and  Little Bitsy.   So, I was not surprised when the current issue of NAR's REALTOR® Magazine mentioned the Greater Asheville area town of Brevard, NC as one of the 10 Coolest Small Towns in America!  What defines "Coolest?"

 According to Budget Travel Magazine . " ...a town must have a population of less than 10,000. It must be the sort of town that is attracting new residents because of its quality of life. And it must have "an edge" - avant-garde, not quaint." Would you like to add uniquely animal "pet-friendly" to the list?.

...and that "Coolest Towns"  are wonderful for a second or vacation homes? Let me know....

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As an unabashed animal advocate and admirer I am fascinated with a town in the Greater Asheville area our neighbor just 30 minutes form downtown A'ville, Brevard. Brevard is the home to an array of amazing offerings, but one of my favorites, being… more
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