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Demand= Value Added When You "GreenUp" Your Real Estate Property for Sale

Here in Asheville, NC, it's a fact: Going Green adds value to real estate sales. Consumer demand is driving green retrofits. If you desire to "GreenUP" in your town,  but  don't know where to start, take JT's advice:

 Get educated and pass information along to  neighbors.( It's a good feeling to know that this information can improve the quality of their lives.)

  1. Get educated and pass information along to  neighbors.( It's a good feeling to know that this information can improve the quality of their lives.)
  2. Consider replacing your old appliances with Energy Star® appliances. (You can donate the old appliances to habitat for Humanity.)
  3. Paint with NO VOC Earth Paint or  Low VOC Paint. (It sure smells better- totally eliminates or reduces toxic fumes- and brightens up your home.)
  4. Consider renewable resource building products like bamboo flooring.
  5. Spend sprucing up your yard with native plants.  

Sellers can appeal to buyers when they  "GreenUP! "  This does not have to be a huge, ungainly endeavor. There are many shades of green that affect wellness and tap into  natural, social, economic and personal capital.  

The levels of attraction, commitment and motivation toward designing and maintaining sustainable homes may vary, and not only sellers and/or buyers , but the neighborhood (and all of us)  can benefit.

If you would  like a list of GREEN and GREENING UP neighborhoods, let me know.


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