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You Matter ~ Silicon Nitride Grains and Life in a Sustainable World

Sunday in Asheville. It has been raining for 12 hours. We didn't slide down the ridge, and there is freshness in the air. With that clearing comes a fresh thought or two about looking outside everyday answers to find a new model for doing business in a sustainable world. 

A Fresh Thought .A friend sent the link below to me this morning. I normally don't get all excited about silicon nitride grains-but this representation  (see graphic*) from the Oak Ridge National Laboratories got me going. It is an " image of the thin glassy film between two silicon nitride grains revealing individual lanthanum atoms attached to the grain surfaces. The image was recorded with the world-record 0.7 angstrom resolution scanning transmission electron microscope at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and processed with Pixon technology. The derived atomic model is superimposed...." 

It's a  breakthrough. I can imagine this as a model for living in a sustainable world.  What if we applied our real estate genius to life as we know it?   What if we began at the "micro-level"  and built something that would enhance the quality of life? Healthy-built  homes in sustainable neighborhoods, for example. 

Search For Personal Genius. You Matter. I am not sure that politicians, or any institution has what's best for all of us in mind, are you?  Maybe you and I would do better to search for our own genius. I like the idea of exploring opportunities to contribute to the creative resolution of the challenges of today. I even like the idea that "blessings in disguise" appear through the mists when we struggle for the clarity. I am thinking that we can forge the way to sustainable innovation human ...."micro-element" a time.

Applied Creativity. In this model applied to  real estate-related  business, societal and economic elements both  win...  a successful  demonstration of the sound potential for Positive Futures for all of us
Check it out and let me know what YOU  think.


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You Matter ~ Silicon Nitride Grains and Life in a Sustainable World
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