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Inspiration- The One-Shoe -Off Award Goes to...


The 2011 One-Shoe-Off Award goes to Hannah Jane Demler.


Wyoming’s cross country season was about to draw to a close.  The  Star cross country track startingValley (Afton, WY) girls cross country track  team, having had a great season was headed for Douglas, a seven hour bus ride. 

 The girls had winning  the team title on their collective mind.  With aspirations  and energy high they had prepared for running the open-air course over earth, grass, and even gravel.

This was Freshman,  Hannah Demler’s first trip with the varsity to Douglas. The youngest member of the team, she had solidly positioned herself as the fourth runner. What would happen as she stepped up to the starting  arc would be a surprise. The official fired the pistol and off they raced. (photo courtesy of wikipedia)


But, OH NO!,  just one hundred meters into the race Hannah’s shoe, tromped on at the starting line, began to come off.

Hannah Jane Demler“ Demler, showing poise and determination,  ran approximately one and half miles with the shoe almost off before abandoning the shoe and running another one and a half miles with just one shoe before fainting just before the finish line, “ reported the Afton news. 

The competing team from Cody may have out distanced Star Valley to win, but their Head coach Ty Draney, who carried Hannah across the finish line, a multiple ultra-marathon winner said ..."Never have I seen a gutsier performance in my life." 


Hannah, you are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you.

And I want you to know that your proud Grandma, our real estate colleague here in Asheville, has one of the best stories to tell EVER!!!! 


photo of Hannah with admiring dog and parents standing by

Here’s a Big Shoe’s Off Award to Hannah Jane  Demler.





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