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Baby Boomers Pushing 65 Demand Active Lifestyle, Quality and GOLF

Baby Boomers Pushing 65- are adamant about maintaining an “Active Lifestyle"...

Here in Asheville, REALTORS ® frequently hear about this "active lifestyle"  priority from our clients who are in search for the ideal place to make their *At Last* homes. " And it is true. . .the Boomer Generation has for the most part enjoyed an active lifestyle.  According to research,(Creswell )  and others (and true to the strong opinions for which research shows  Baby Boomers are known) –

  Baby Boomers , such as  this white-haired community planner demand to continue an active lifestyle into our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and beyond…


Baby Boomers Pushing 65-
Baby Boomers Pushing 65 – The Wish List (note #9)

  1. Not dependent on our children
  2. Not too far from our children and grandkids
  3. Pet-friendly
  4. Healthy Built home and in an eco-friendly environment
  5. Possibly multi-generational
  6. Fits our financial analysis and a budget- what we can afford short and long term.
  7. Financial stability of development, if apropos
  8. Neighborly feeling
  9. Golfing and Tennis
  10. 10 Year-round out-of-doors activities
  11. Cultural activities
  12. Near a college and Learning Opportunities
  13. Excellent medical facilities nearby
  14. YOGA!
  15. Day Spas =)

    Speaking of GOLF... NORTH CAROLINA is the place to  Be ! Especially this week...when the Top Players in the  world will be taking to the links at Quail Hollow in Charolotte ,NC...(just a couple hours from Asheville.)

    As we mature... the challenges . . .on many levels. . . may become more demanding. ...that's the reason many of the boomer generation now retiring work out a list and have it on hand in advance.

    You can add to this  wish list and find more good info at my Outside blog.




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Baby Boomers Pushing 65 Demand Active Lifestyle, Quality and GOLF
Baby Boomers Pushing 65- are adamant about maintaining an “Active Lifestyle"… Here in Asheville, REALTORS ® frequently hear about this "active lifestyle" priority from our clients who are in search for the ideal place to make… more
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