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Lakeview Park Neighborhood, Asheville Walkable and Wonderful

The Lakeview Park Neighborhood ~ Asheville, N.C. ~
A Community Embracing a Sustainable Future.

____ Points of Interest: Five minutes from downtown Asheville, and close to clothing shops, lakeview park asheville sustainable neighborhood strollbakeries, local restaurants and umbrellas at the coffee house, is sweet Lakeview Park.  

If you are up for a brisk walk (or simply a leisurely stroll)  around Beaver Lake, the Lakeview Park Neighborhood is a place not  to be missed.

Since its creation in the early 1920s,  Beaver Lake, created by damming Beaver Creek and flooding what had been known as Baird Bottoms, has been one of the special features of this venerable and sustainable  neighborhood.  In 1922, J.D. Murphy and Fred Sale began buying land along Beaver Creek for an exclusive housing development now known as Lakeview Park.

Almost 90 years later, we regularly walk around Beaver Lake throughout the seasons. (see my photo)

lakeview park asheville"upscale" neighborhood  Beaver Lake in winterIt is beautiful no matter what time of year.



 We visit our neighbors, continue to be amazed with the  views of the surrounding mountains, sweet picnic spots, colorful canoes gliding by and a sense of "all's right" that seems to be in the air.

Today, the Lakeview Park Neighborhood is a multi-generational masterpiece,offering something for everyone no matter what age. Here are a just couple of examples:

____ a) Birding: If you are a birder,  you will love the Beaver Lake Sanctuary where you can spot loons, grebes, cormorants, herons, swans, geese, ducks, hummingbirds, woodpeckers… just to begin to name a few. Here's a checklist my birding friends take with them when they walk the boardwalk into an almost magical Sanctuary  where an awareness and appreciation of nature, wildlife and natural ecosystems, and responsible environmental stewardship come together. ...You can enjoy about a half-mile boardwalk loop with two lake overlooks and several benches, and an eco-filter pond designed to clean up storm run-off before it enters the lake and the French Broad River system. So close at hand to the Lakeview Park Neighborhood, the Sanctuary offers an engaging place for  a solitary walk and observation, or a friendly family sojourn.   Typical Mountain Eco GOlf Course North Carolina


___ b)GOLF Anyone? For those of you who love golf as much as we do, please know that Lakeview Park is the home of the Country Club of Asheville with it's fine Donald Ross golf course and tennis facility.

(photo shows one the golf courses for which North Carolina is about both challenging and gorgeous!)


___ Livability: Asheville's Lakeview Park is a welcoming, livable, and very walkable neighborhood. If you enjoy the idea of walking along curvilinear streets under magnificent tree canopies, this Asheville neighborhood is for you.  AND…for those of us who are Baby Boomers, this  multigenerational neighborhood, where people of all ages enjoy each others’ company is a must see. The homes are Beautiful- with a capital “B”!

___ Architecture: TheLakeview Park Neighborhood-  is an eclectic mix. From Mid-Century Modern to Neo-Classical, American Foursquare, Colonial Revival, Tudor Revival, Georgian Revival, Craftsman Bungalows – and

green built new homes  lakeview park asheville new, and Healthy®Built homes (see my photo)  ... clustered around a greenway and bordered by a view of the mountains there is much from which to choose. 

___ Sustainable Excellence:When it comes to sustainable excellence Asheville's Lakeview Park Neighborhoodexceeds expectations. Again, as in the Grove Park Neighborhood, Universal design is favored by multigenerational residents – parents, children and grandparents, baby boomers retiring to Asheville. YOU may be fond of the features and benefits of new GREEN construction here.

___ Relocating to Asheville: If you are relocating to Asheville it is possible , though not easy to find yearly leases in this neighborhood.

___ Neighbors: This is a mature community. There area several second and/or vacation homes in this area, yet neighbors have a strong community voice.___ Pet -Friendly: Yes

__ Current Average Price Range in Lakeview Park: $502,000

___ Available Single Family Residences: 11

___ SOLD in 2012: 9   ___ SOLD Price Point: $240,000 to $800,000
and AT OR WITHIN 10% of Listed Asking Price

___ Current Homes For Sale in theLakeview Park Neighborhood in Asheville range in price from $350,000 to $4,900,000.

If you are relocating to Asheville, interested in this neighborhood and not already working with a REALTOR® I’d love to talk with you about homes and land for sale in the Lakeview Park Sustainable Neighborhood.




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Lakeview Park Neighborhood, Asheville Walkable and Wonderful
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