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Statistics and Greenliving for the "Elders"

Greenliving for the "Elders"- Oh Those Statistics

Over the past few years, I have (have you?)  noticed a "change in the weather" in terms of the way people -of-a certain-age( boomers,especially) are choosing where and how they live and what they need. Is this a trend? Quite possibly so.

Recently,I turned for proof to statistics and  our Mountain MLS System here in Asheville. Although putting numbers on a par with my intuition as a REALTOR® feels a little “dangerous”— (I don't want to lose my intuitive edge) — understanding statistics could be important for everyone involved from our clients to the brokerage business planning. So here is just one result- what intuition, observation, and the Stats reveal...

Statistics and Greenliving for the "Elders"

For the purposes of future planning, older adults and leading edge boomers seem to be interested in the home design features of sustainable, green-built  homes, where they expect to be aging-in-place.

 Features and Benefits

Energy-.Energy Star appliances, florescent bulbs, high efficiency water heaters,
fifty (50) year shingles, low flow faucets and showerheads ,sealed crawl spaces, cellulose and icynene insulation, solar preheat for hot water, and oh so comfy radiant floor heat...

Low Toxicity-.Low VOC paints, Bamboo, hardwood or a natural linoleum floor that is made with 100% natural ingredients.

 Benefits: In the long run; sustainability lasting value, lower environmental impact, and right now today; lower utility bills for heating and cooling, improved indoor air quality, and happier faces on family and neighbors.

I've written tons about aging-in-place and WHAT the first things to do in terms of planning are- Hope you will check out the INFO- I'm told it will be worth your while. 

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Statistics and Greenliving for the "Elders"
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