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Aging-in-Place- What IS It?? Asheville Style

While having tea and scones -- at EDNA'S in North Asheville -- late afternoon-- gorgeous autumn day,  with a "boomer" client, I was asked a Very Interesting Question: " WHAT exactly is 'aging-in-place'???" 
"Oh," I replied,  Good Question!" 

What is aging in place?

AGING-IN-PLACE is a catch phrase used to describe "The ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." It refers to a choice by those concerned  to remain in a lifelong home and independent for so long as possible.

I confided that I like to use another term I concocted. " It  may feel more appealing, " I explained, " as it can be empowering."  That term is--   Aging-in- P A L A C E . "  ASHEVILLE is the perfect place to do just that!"

Where to start

Aging-in-Palace infers action-- that we can create homes not only functional but beautiful over and for the long term. For current home owners --or for those considering "downsizing" or moving into a new home -- a good place to begin  is by asking, finding answers to, and talking about relevant options to make that dream of "aging-in- P A L A C E " come true.

It's not too early TODAY to sit down with family and friends at the kitchen table to have an age-friendly chat about what " sustainable excellence" --with the special focus being "aging-in-place." Talk with contractors, too. Strengthen your conversation by using the terminology they use.

Take control. Learn what the following terms mean-- and use them.
(terms are courtesy of CDC - Healthy Places Terminology)

Accessibility, accessible, active living community, energy smart, green design, healthy places, home automation, LEED, mixed-use-development, neo-traditional development, New Urbanism, pedestrian-friendly, proximity, quality-of- life, Smart Code, social capital, sustainable design, universal design, walkable community.

AARP in a report entitled, "Aging in Place," recommends " governmental initiatives" and livability that "can be optimized through the incorporation of universal design principles, home automation -telecare and other "assistive technologies" [such as] communications, health and wellness monitoring, home safety and security."

Professional Support

Professional aging-in-place support directly related to the home place is available with specialists such as the Senior Specialist a NAR Designation in Real Estate and addition to Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist (CAPS.)

At The Sage Companion Project we place special emphasis on an over-arching concept of the value of each person - regardless of age or physical ability. Cultural Creatives ask: Might this  drive changes in the culture of aging?



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Aging-in-Place- What IS It?? Asheville Style
While having tea and scones -- at EDNA'S in North Asheville -- late afternoon-- gorgeous autumn day, with a "boomer" client, I was asked a Very Interesting Question: " WHAT exactly is 'aging-in-place'?? " "Oh, " I… more
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