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The 2nd Biggest Influence on Home Design: At Home & The “Boomers” (3)

The Second Biggest Influence on Home Design- IF you have read the current predictions  from the home-building industry you'll be aware of the forecast that aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years [source:NAHB].Here in Asheville, we're giving this serious consideration- whether that be in constructing a "forever home" -as the couple you see in this photo may choose to do- or upgrading for aging-in-place.

"boomer" couple Asheville- wide open choices


It seems unlikely that older adults and “boomers”  will choose to move to “retirement homes” if they prefer not to do this. In fact, the Village Model and/or active living communities are a choice many prefer.

But a quick survey of the home choice environment for older adults reveals that there are stereotypes and assumptions not to be ignored.

In a recent Sage Companion Quarterly interview  Richard Ambrosius, a seminar leader and three-plus-decade advocate for Postive Aging, was asked:



What is your best advice for “ boomers” in terms of changing ageist attitudes and stereotypes? His response set off a heated conversation among some of our older adult colleagues. Here, in part,  is what he suggested

Let publications, media outlets and advertisers know you resent being portrayed as feeble, forgetful, foolish, uninformed, dependent or greedy.

Stop saying you just “had a senior moment!” All too often, it is older people themselves perpetuating the stereotypes that can become self-fulfilling prophecies bring on the memory loss people fear.

Is he asking people to demand respect-regardless of age or physical ability? You decide. As for me, as a real estate professional concerned with long term quality of life for my clients and my family, I see this through the lens of where and how to  live as we age. IF aging-in-place ( at home ) is the objective, I know that this requires forethought.

What choices are necessary to get from here to there?
And how can a lifelong home "lift the human spirit"?

Start by asking three simple questions- 1) What turns a dwelling place into a home that can work for a family over many years? 2) How will that home "look and feel" in later life? 3) How can a home work for those who live there, regardless of age or physical ability?

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The 2nd Biggest Influence on Home Design: At Home & The “Boomers”…
The Second Biggest Influence on Home Design- IF you have read the current predictions from the home-building industry you'll be aware of the forecast that aging will be the second-biggest influence on home design in the next few years [source:NAHB]… more
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