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Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods Go One Step Further


Asheville Walkable Neighborhoods


Here in Asheville, we are lucky to have many walkable neighborhoods and there’s Tumbleweed home- pocket neighborhoodmovement in the direction of continuing the “walkability factor” when green developers are planning.

As a land broker, I love the idea of pocket neighborhoods - the promise of  positive years to come when neighbors combine efforts with an eye to the future.

As you know, the subject of "aging-in-place" is on my mind a good bit these days- for example, this small space, is both functional and beautiful-

The idea here is that this kind of thoughtful planning  can extend to neighborhood spaces. 


So, it is no wonder then that I’m a big fan of Kaid Benfield and his blog.  


Each time I’m notified that he’s posted something new, I hop over and set aside a few minutes to read what he has to say. Today, for example he’s drilling down this favorite subject: WALKABILITY. 

In today’s post, Benfield caught  my attention not only because I applaud sustainable excellence, but because as a former teacher, I found myself smiling when he focused his attention on another favorite subject: SCHOOLS 

Today Benfield looks at  ideas for community planners and officials and expands from there providing a list that can take readers - one step further- pardon the pun ((*:*)) just couldn’t resist. Here are a few of his suggestions:


1.    Direct more growth to existing communities where school and pedestrian infrastructure are already in place and reinvest in existing school properties before seeking new campuses- and conduct walkability audits in districts surrounding schools in order to identify improvements that can make walking and bicycling to school safer and more enticing.


2.    Plan new development, transportation and schools together, so that schools can be placed in walkable environments at the center of developing communities rather than in pedestrian-unfriendly sites on the edge.


3.    Build with highly visible, distinctive architecture on prominent sites, in order to signify schools’ importance as neighborhood anchors and community centers.


“ There are many more good ideas out there,” Benfield says,  "especially in Nathan Norris’s report card for smart growth schools, the National Trust’s Helping Johnny Walk to School, and EPA’s School Siting Guidelines. " 


Here are a few of Benfield's related posts:





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