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True Stories from Asheville Land For Sale Team


You might find , as  your trailblazing real estate team here in Asheville, N.C. has, thatit is FUN to get together with others to discover the latest trends in exterior and interior new-construction and remodeling.
Green Built Home on Land in Asheville

New Construction on Nice Acreage, Asheville, NC.


 When the photo above was taken, we didn’t know the surprise that awaited us inside.... and YOU might be even more surprised to learn that the interior floors were concrete!  After experiencing the luster (see photo below) of concrete flooring, you might also be fascinated with thepossibilities for your lifelong home 

 asheville green built home-concrete floordid you notice the really beautiful finish on this concrete floor?


 What makes concrete a product to be placed in the “sustainable excellence” category?


1.Concrete flooring provides high durability.

2. Concrete flooring is less subject to biological contamination problems. 


For buyers and sellers of properties who are thinking about building on their LAND, and/or smart residential renovations there are any number of good choices when it comes to flooring: Bamboo. Cork.  Recycled Hardwood. 100-year-old heart of pine.  Marmoleum- (the certified bio-based product) ... . Curious about what he might choose, I asked an Asheville Land Buyer what he was considering for his new home. “In terms of environmentally responsible choices,” he told me, “we  are leaning towards concrete ....” 

 More Notes I've Made on Concrete 

Smart Renovations

Concrete Innovations

Put YOUR Stamp on it!



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Asheville Land for Sale- TRUE STORIES (no ads) New Construction
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