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green as green can BE, you see (part 2) remedies

Yesterday I wrote about toxic glopp in indoor spaces and promised that today I'd get back with you to tell you about Simple Remedies.

 Remember when you were in Fourth Grade and your teacher taught about plants and their amazing ability to absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen and carbohydrates? For those of you who guessed that the Green Remedy at hand is PLANTS (thanks for your comments) you get a big Green Star. Right on!

Plants have long been known as nature's air purifiers. 

They maintain the oxygen supply on this planet…inside and out. In addition, NASA scientists discovered that indoor plants can drastically reduce toxic chemical levels inside buildings. Photosynthesizing plants and their roots and associated microorganisms act to break down contaminants which are then taken up as nutrients. The Boston fern, chrysanthemum, dracaena and English ivy are very effective at removing the formaldehyde,benzene and trichloroethylene from indoor air..

Benzene,a contaminant that exists in tobacco smoke, plastics, paints, gasoline, inks, detergents and synthetic fibers, that can cause nervousness, dizziness, headaches and anemia, and also irritates eyes and skin. The following plants absorb this pollutant and break it down -- English ivy, gerbera daisy, chrysanthemum, devil's ivy (Epiprenum), peace lily (Spathiphyllum) and the ornamental corn plant (Dracaena marginata).


Formaldehyde,a contaminant found in foam insulation, paper towels and facial tissues, plywood, veneers, carpeting and household cleaners, can irritate mucous membranes and the upper respiratory tract and even can cause asthma. These plants can help to remedy the threat to wellness-- Boston fern, bamboo palm, philodendron, and chrysanthemum (again!), dwarf date palm, snake plant (Sansevieria) and the interesting looking spider plant.


Trichloroethylene,a known carcinogen that attacks the liver, is present in dry-cleaning solutions, and many inks, paints, varnishes, lacquers and adhesives. These plant-friends can overthrow this toxin --- chrysanthemum (yet again!), gerbera daisy, peace lily and two cultivars of Dracaena deremensis (Warneckii and Janet Craig).


 P.S. The Dwarf date palm is most effective at removing xylene and the lady palm is a champ at breaking down ammonia.

Research has shown that there areten ( 10 ) plants that are the most effective all-around
in counteracting off-gassed chemicals
and contributing to balanced internal humidity..and harmony in your Home.

Anyone want to take a guess? I'll post the list of the


tonight...along with a few pictures of these beauties... I have three (3)e sitting right here by me as I write...

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I never realized in detail regarding plants vs bad smells.  I've always had them around and appreciated them at other homes due to their beauty.  Thanks for this post and looking forward to the pictures :)


Posted by John Pruitt ( over 12 years ago

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