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Summoning the Real Estate Muse to Get Right-Side Up & Avoid Foreclosure

Dateline Asheville, North Carolina, August, 2009
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It is good to rub and polish your mind against that of others. -Michel de Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)

Algernon Miller is a New York artist with connections.  Recently, when speaking of his latest project, a Frederick Douglass tribute, under construction in a traffic circle and park bordering a corner of Central Park, he referred to one connection in particular.  "Things just came together," he said in "the quilted subtext* of the Underground Railroad...." This is his connection to the muse of his art form. 

Summoning the REAL ESTATE Muse Asheville's Real Estate Muse Spotted

There just may be a lesson in this for anyone involved in navigating a challenging real estate market. What "quilted subtexts" belong to real estate professionals and our clients? And how shall we decipher the messages?   

Possibly, other markets offer models.  Recently, New York Times columnist Francis X. Clines took a look at a couple of models in other markets 

•1.                 The job market -

Clines writes, "Some job seekers have found their inner Darwin during their hunt for employment..." in Are They Depressed? Nowhere Near. 

•2.                 The "green" market -

Clines gives the example of how one creative person impacted an entire market, "One man's mission to turn the humdrum rooftops of apartment houses in Manhattan green ..."

(The Real Estate Muse in charge of working out loan modifications and short sales is said to have been spotted recently in Asheville, NC.! see photo ) 


Then there is the automotive market-  and the Cash for Clunkers model  which has shown itself to be successful. Now ..HOW TO  hurdle the fence of "ordinary thinking" and get on to summoning the real estate muse....  HOW TO  translate those models into the real estate market.

Here's one idea: Using the Cash for Clunkers model, we the taxpayers provided a "loan" to homeowners (like that given by us to Banks, but much smaller, of course.) This "loan" could  

a) be paid back over a number of years
b)  bring homeowners who had had a history of regular payments current with their mortgages, and
c) incorporate a reduction in interest rate so that an automatic loan modification was in effect.   

With just a little collaboration from our colleagues, and the help of the real estate muse I can envision millions of people experiencing a happy turnaround.  ...and as I quoted at the start...It is good to rub and polish your mind against that of others. -Michel de Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)

"Rub and Polish (R&P) Your Mind..." Give us more ideas....and/or a link to a post with YOUR remedy and I'll add it here.... 

1.R& P Deb Hurt's Ideas:

"janeAnne, You know me--there is no better place to be than outside the box! I believe that the desire for consumption and conformity is part of what drove us into this corner and getting out of it is going to demand a change in perception and perhaps even a major paradigm shift.

Shared housing options might start to be an option for those with large homes- whether it is a form of co-housing or taking in a boarder or using an extra bedroom as a mini B&B. How about looking for someone who wants a vacation or retirement home in the area but has no plans to move soon and would consider a lease back? That would still be selling but at least you would not have to move right away.

Give your house to a charity with the stipulation that you have a lifetime occupancy - I'm just thinking here but I know there are ways to do this and people do it all the time- the tax implications and details might or might not be a nightmare but this is a brainstorming session isn't it?"  

2. R&P Joan Whitebook, ABR,e-Pro,CEBA Southern New Hampshire:

I would like to see more people get a tax credit to finish their basements and so long as they are safe, convert them to living space to accomodate those who can rent the space and help by paying rent.. thereby increasing the income stream.


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*quilted subtext"Strategic quilts, harmlessly hung out to air along the routes toward liberty, offered instructions and maps to knowledgeable slaves on the run. Their innocent symbols - wagon wheel, crossed wrenches, bear's paw, log cabin, child's shoofly - were guides and cautions, just as patterns of knots marked mileage," explains Francis X. Clines  



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I would like to see more people get a tax credit to finish their basements and so long as they are safe, convert them to living space to accommodate those who can rent the space and help by paying rent.. thereby increasing the income stream.  This may take some changes to zoning laws as well..

Posted by Joan Whitebook, Consumer Focused Real Estate Services (BHG The Masiello Group) about 11 years ago


I really like your idea...hadn't thought of it...did not know there are tax credits for such things...


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