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Does your Realtor get 'kisses' or 'hisses' ???

SHELDON NEAL is a well-read blogger. No wonder. Each time we read what he has on his mind, we are informed and/or entertained and/or find something worth considering.

 Here is SHELDON'S post about REALTOR dedication , Here are his thoughts on what clients could expect from their experience when  clients and REALTORS have a "Plan" in place.


Does your Realtor get 'kisses' or 'hisses' ??? 


Recently I have heard from way too many buyers and sellers who are unhappy with their Realtor's half-hearted dedication to their service and representation.

I truly dont understand this, because while we are still in this market where its harder to get committed clients, and harder to get deals to the closing table, how is it that such a large number of Realtors seem to think they can still just 'coast' through their day, and barely do the minimum for their clients, and still expect the regular payouts ???

If you are a buyer or seller, AT MINIMUM you should expect your agent to be doing the following.

  •  Regular Communication - WITHOUT BEING CHASED BY THE CLIENT.
    The communication expectations should typically be discussed at the listing appointment or first buyer appointment, and at the very least, sellers should be getting 1 or 2 minimum phone calls or emails with showing updates (even if there are none) to give confidence to the seller that the agent is staying on top of the listing, and not just throwing it up on the MLS, and waiting for the phone to ring. Some of us Realtors will even work hard to call other showing Realtors to get feedback. This can be valuable info as to how the buyers are viewing your listing. Buyers should get that minimum of 1 or 2 calls or emails per week with new listings that have come on the market, or activty updates. If your Realtor is often unreachable by phone, or you never hear from them, there may be a better Realtor out there for you.

  • Maximum amount of photos on your listing
    Each Multiple Listing Service (MLS) typically has a maximum amount of photos you can upload with your listing. Often 10-15. You almost certainly want the MOST exposure for your home that you can get, so if they are only uploading 3 or 4, or worse - just 1 of the exterior - then they are typically not giving you the most exposure you can get. There may be a situation where you didnt want to show every room in the home, but you do want to accent as many features of the home to draw the buyers in and come by for a showing. So discuss why they are not uploading the maximum amount of photos. If it's because they just didnt take enough pictures - thats not acceptable - consider another Realtor.

  • Make sure those pictures are VALUABLE !
    Waaay too many photos on listings are blurry, dark, or simply dont show you anything - ie: the corner two walls of a room ! Again, unnacceptable. Everyone can get a digital camera these days - even if they have to borrow one. And if you cant hold the camera steady, then they should be asking nicely to a coworker to help them take the photos for them, or heck even if you have to hire a local photographer depending on how high end the listing is. Either way, the pictures are the 'Welcome Mat' for buyers when viewing your listing - make sure your Realtor hasnt wiped his dirty feet on that Welcome Mat and left a bad impression !

  • Have a plan !
    Has your Realtor sincerely communicated what their plan is to sell and monitor the listing so you keep it in the forefront of the comps in your area ? Have they gone room by room and confidently given you advice on how to make it show the best ? Have they told you how many weeks they would monitor it at this price and what criteria they would analyze to determine if there was a need for a price adjustment ? Have they told you how they were going to expose your listing ? Print media ? How many online avenues ? Postcards ? Open Houses ? Virtual Tours ? Not that you necessarily need all these, but maybe you do. The point is, they should be discussing the pros and cons of each, and explaining in their opinion what has worked in your area 'in their experience' and you should both 'together' agree on how the home should be marketed - if they are confident enough, you typically will ask 'where do you sign' by the end of their presentation.
    For buyers, have they given you additional info about the transportation, schools, shops in the area ? Have they touched on the next steps you should prepare for, should you find a dream home at the next showing ? Have they recommended what other Buyer Team members you should be starting to think about including Attorney, Home Inspector, and Home Owners Insurance rep ? (you should already have a preapproval with a mortgage broker, otherwise of course, the Mortgage representative is a critical player). If they didnt even discuss these things with you - well you know the answer !


Alternatively ! -  if your agent is doing all of the above or more, then you can probably be happy that they are doing all in their power to position and market your home sale, or to find your new home.


If you are stuck for a referral of a reliable agent, the "ActiveRain" network is choc-full of outstanding agents throughout the country and Canada (and beyond !).

You can get to know them through their blogs, and connect easily with them and see if you find a comfort level.


You dont have to settle for mediocre service from your Realtor - there are plenty who will give you a better chance of succes if you are buying or selling - you may just have to research a little to find them


... of course, if you are looking to buy or sell in Bergen County NJ, then this guy is as dedicated as it gets !!!!




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