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Is There a GHOST in the House? Feng Shui on Long Island - New York

Being an expert in the practice of Feng Shui, CAROLE PROVENZALE always has an interesting story to share about her experiences. The following post introduces readers to the concept of feeling at home in a new residence where there is "nothing but good and supportive Energy."  READ ON.

Is There a Ghost in the House?  Feng Shui on Long Island - New York

About one in five of our Feng Shui calls for Feng Shui Consultations from Long Island or New York City come from someone concerned about Spirit Activity.  Laura Cerrano is my daughter and has been doing on site Feng Shui Consultations with me and without me since 2000.  Since formally beginning her own Feng Shui business on both Long Island and New York City, we don't often get to practice together as much.

Yet there is no denying that about one in five calls or emails we receive regarding a Feng Shui Consultation both on Long Island AND New York City are from potential clients concerning "ghosts."  Spirit or Paranormal Activity.  We've both been in homes where noises occur, lights flicker, there are "cold spots" and on rare occasions we have actually seen SOMETHING.  Since we are both highly attuned to Energy, these are the Feng Shui Consultations we like to work on together.

One question we are often asked is if "Ghosts" or "Spirits" can attach; meaning can they follow them if they move or even if it's possible for us, as Feng Shui Practitioners to bring them into OUR Spaces.  According to both Parapsychologists and Feng Shui Consultants, the answer is yes, it IS possible that a Spirit can attach to you.

While training in Feng Shui Studies on Long Island, New York City or Sedona AZ (for a shamanistic approach to Feng Shui) we are specifically taught methods both before and after a Feng Shui Consultation so this doesn't happen to us.  While some of these methods take a while to perform, they are important for both our clients AND ourselves.

Feng Shui New York NY posted by Laura Cerrano

A recent email was from a client who was determined to move but afraid of bringing this activity WITH her-the very thing she was moving to get away FROM.  She wanted to know if we would be able to help her to move into a new space safely.  And ALONE. 

Laura and I both worked with her together and I'm thrilled to say she made her transition into her new home where she feels nothing but good and supportive Energy. She is sleeping and eating well and feels a sense of peace she'd forgotten had existed.  She credits her Feng Shui Consultation here on Long Island NY.

Some things don't belong in your home or business.  People are sometimes afraid to speak of these things still while others still insist they don't exist.  I can assure you they do.  And I can assure you this IS help.....

*Carole Provenzale is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and the Founder of Feng Shui Long Island and New York since 1997.

*Laura Cerrano is a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and the Founder of Feng Shui Manhattan New York, est. in 2000.



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