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Tips on Finding THE Perfect Market Niche for YOU.

Market niche…how do you get to one that really will work for you?
What if you are a real estate professional putting in your hard work at  a brokerage
…doing the Tuesday 7:30AM meeting…the caravan…the floor duty
and paying your dues to NAR, your local Board…and doing your continuing education…
and paying your E&O Insurance…in addition to being of service to random buyers/sellers
who find you through the brokerage in addition to your referral clients /|\
…And you are sitting on floor duty one very quiet day
wondering where the customers are…and just musing about what you can do
in terms of outreach that resonates with what matters most to YOU…what if…..

What If

What if you picked a specialized market that really works for you?
What rewards would that produce? On various levels?
What kind of niches would  attract you?…
          Income properties?
          Condos for elderlings? 
          Mountain homes?
          Luxury residences?
          New construction?

And long as you're mulling all this over.....what about demographics? ….
         Spanish speaking,
         Baby Boomers? 
         First-time investors?

So you sit and  come up with a small, but promising list of potential niches…
(BTW, I’d be interested to hear what you would add…)

What if you were to target specific property types?
What steps would you take to make that happen?

Over the years, I have come up with a strategy for pinpointing what motivates me.
Possibly it could work for  you.    Here is the Step One of a formula/process
that has been popular with my broker pals....

Step One:
Take 20 minutes to write down.. AS THEY COME TO YOU…what your favorite things to do ARE…
(Try to get about 100 or more.)

EXAMPLE…here is a sampling from  my own list from a few years ago:

Exploring back roads
Finding out how I could possibly walk the Appalachian Trail
Sitting around with my friends looking at the sunset from my porch
Walking in nature
Dabbling in writing poetry
Doing HUGE canvases in broad stokes in fast-drying acrylic.
Learning new things that interest me
Working on team projects
Creating healthy living spaces
Being part of a group of people who are interested in quality of life and community
Saving waterfalls and viewsheds
Holding a safe place for tons of $$$$ while having FUN.

This is going somewhere...Already I can see something emerging from the odd mixture in my imagination... 
For anyone interested…in one of  my “past lives” I was a professional career management counselor.AND I have used this technique (on myself and others) successfully for about 20 years…Oh I do hope you share your list of  FAVORITE THINGS TO DO...I will be sure to put Step Two up tomorrow...if you choose...







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We are starting a great niche in the Caribbean resort areas!!  Good ideas in this blog to discover the niche that could work for you.
Posted by Teri Isner, GRI, CRS, CIPS (Keller Williams Realty at the Lakes) over 12 years ago

Wow, I wish I knew you two years ago. When I was just starting to get out of RE sales is when I was starting to learn about a niche. I've learned so much more about choosing one after I began my Virtual Assistant business. It is so important to have one, I think more important in sales so you can become the go-to person.

Sometimes doing what we "love" is so far from what we think we "should" do. I'd love to read part 2 to this.

Posted by Crystal Pina, Remax Professional Associates (774.289.5521) over 12 years ago
I'm looking forward to part 2, as well.  I have a niche - well, I'm working on one - but seeing somebody else doing the process can be very helpful, especially when getting a little bit "stuck" at moving forward (around, over, under). 
Posted by Tricia Jumonville, Texas REALTOR , Agent With Horse Sense (Bradfield Properties) over 12 years ago

Teri...thanks for the compliment. It IS working for me and I hope it will for others, too.

Crystal...Check in for the next installments :-)...the beauty of this process is that it is open-ended and full of potential.

Tricia...I am interested to know aboutyour niche. I will go check out your BLOG...but if you haven't written about it yet..oh please DO

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) over 12 years ago

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