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Incentivizing Sustainable Development : A Shift That Affects the Real Estate Landscape

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Incentivizing Sustainable Development-Today's Real Estate Landscape for Listing Agents and Clients

In a post last week I suggested that "green has gone mainstream" : there's been a shift in public awareness  towards sustainable development. This shift affects the real estate landscape. To be considered by real estate professionals from the perspective of value and value-added features for our clients-: the "green" niche market, marketing benefits, and incentives that accompany green development.

Here in Asheville, NC, community interest centers around minimizing the environmental impacts of the built environment. WNC Healthy Built ©  provisions  shape the market from requirements to meet various levels of Certification that can incentivize exceptional performance and design such as:  

going green in Asheville - this way

Expedited Permitting

Tax Incentives

Density Bonuses

Green Building Codes



 While incentivizing sustainable development is popular in cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Washington, DC and right here in Asheville, some real estate professionals wonder about the "technicalities" in  listing such properties and how to define them in terms of  "green" building codes.

For example: Does an earth-sheltered-berm home, with two of it's bedrooms neatly bermed into the earth (therefore no windows and no direct egress to the outside) meet building and fire codes so that it can be listed as a two-bedroom home? And/or would compliance depend on variances and/or the year the home was constructed? 

To answer this question, I asked a number of Green Experts. Stay tuned for their answers.

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I'm a strong advocate against nearly all incentivized programs.  Government should help create the right evironment through legislation, codes, etc like how to encourage smart infill growth on my recent AR blog post.  In California we give millions to utility companies so the private utility company can hire more people and spend thousands and thousands of dollars to create incentivized programs that continusouly flop when they hit the end consumer.  It could also be argued that these utilities are to a certain extent putting themselves out of business by encouraging efficiency and renewable enegry.  Too much money going to corupt, very inefficient organizations like the government and utility companies.

I'm also dying to see how green, smart, efficient building and renewable energy would thrive without the amont of money that poors into fossil fuels.  Gas at the pumps would be much more expensive if it were not subsidized or if dirty energy companies were held accountable for the kzillions of dollars in environmental damage they've caused over the last 150 years.

Posted by Evan Little, Eco, Live/Work, Sales and Management (Surterre Properties) almost 9 years ago

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