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Asheville's GREEN Real Estate- Homes and Land That Can Make You Smile...Oh ThoseEco Friendly Mountain Homes and Land Near Asheville - THE Green Real Estate of Western North Carolina

GREEN is "red hot" in Asheville, North Carolina...GREEN real estate that is. All you have to do is take a look at the demand stats for GREEN homes  and you will catch a glimpse of this sizzle right away..I got wondering, IF you could pick just one of the green features building or retrofitting your home... which would it be?

•·         Geo-Thermal heating and cooling
•·         Passive and active solar
•·         Rainwater collection and pristine community well for drinking water
•·         Icynene insulation
•·         On demand Hot Water system with hot water loop
•·         Sustainable materials throughout
•·         Low VOC paints, limited out-gassing
•·         Xero-scaping and native plantings
•·         EnergyStar ® Appliances

This could be challenging, depending on your interest in and familiarity with sustainable innovation.So how about a few photos of eco-savvy homes in the Asheville area(most of which have all the above features) ?  In the  GREEN is "red hot" scenario, no matter if you live in Houston, Phoenix, Battle Creek or Naples, one picture may be worth a thousand words.

Now I'm thumbing through my  photo album with photos I've taken in the past year. Here you will get to see just few of Asheville's amazing, sustainable, energy efficient and attractive GREEN homes. There are plenty more, for sure. And maybe you will find these GREEN homes as fascinating as I do! Let me know what you think...


This is a new home. New construction. Set on site to enjoy passive solar benefits. AsI recall this home sold for around $300K. . .Currently you might find about 50 new WNC HealthyBuilt (Green-built homes) properties available in the Asheville area...ranging in price from the mid $200Ks to over $2M+ ...GREEN Asheville home. New Constructiongreen home architect designed for clients in Asheville

 The "upscale" relatives of the "workforce" green-builts  are just as ( or some say almost as) bold and inviting in appearance as their eco-friendly but less expensive counterparts.  In eco-savvy communities around Asheville where only 30 homes may bloom on about 120AC,  team of investors committed to environmentally conscious partnership in development can get together and create something amazing....

Here (left) is an example of a green retrofit ...Photosasheville nc green retrofit 2007 and 2008, Asheville, NC



BUILDING/Remodeling/Rehabbing "GREEN"...Maybe these photos can give just a hint about how exciting it is. And,for the green homeowner,  the outcome not only is beautiful ...but practical and dollar-and-cents-wise. I'll tell you more about this and about one of my favorite eco-savvy enterprises in Part II.   Look for that soon.

In the meantime...Tell me .....are you surprised at how compelling the looks of a Green Home can be? If you are engaged in  Asheville's GREEN Real Estate here in the mountains of North Carolina, where the air is fresh and the people are friendly and we are appreciating at about 9% per year...///////////\\\\\\\you won't be surprised.


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Hi janeAnne, we had a conversation recently in our home about elements that we enjoy and are environmentally friendly.  We were fortunate to have a builder who used many intelligent options in his buildings even though at the time, this was not the priority it would be for us today.  However, everytime I get into my "hot water on demand" shower, I say a prayer for God to bless that man. :) 

I also love the fact that we have many windows that allow a home with north/south exposure to feel light and airy and for extra insullation which helps out with heat bills.  One thing that was considered but we decided against due to costs at the time was geothermal heating w/zones.  That would be on my "wish list" today.  Enjoyed this post and always appreciate all that you teach and share about green built homes.  Have a wonderful Easter.

Posted by Lola Audu, Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI ~Welcome Home! (Lola Audu~Audu Real Estate~Grand Rapids, MI Real Estate) almost 11 years ago

HI JaneAnne ~ Ooh, you are getting tough on us! It used to be we could pick 3 (which I would cleverly combine features to get the most bang for my buck!) NOW you have limited us to a single choice!!! What a tough decision!!!

I would have to say

•·         EnergyStar ® Appliances

Because your assignment only allows ONE item I would look towards being certain to have energy star appliances. Also, when choosing my EnergyStar (R) Appliances I would be certain to cross-reference the EnergyStar website. Not all EnergyStar (R) Appliances are created equal! I was very surprised when I researched through the list of various manufacturers and appliances last week. VERY eye-opening! Many names I thought would be at the top of the efficiency list, were not. Many manufacturers that are little known, are. I found it very interesting!

Posted by Mary McGraw, 2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine! (GLREA) almost 11 years ago
your photos show homes that anyone would love to own! And the fact that they are environmentally superior adds to the desire to own one!
Posted by Billnulls Blog Florida Realty Professional, AHWD (Charles Rutenberg Realty) almost 11 years ago
Newer energy efficient appliances- my husband votes for geo- thermal - you can tell who uses the appliances in our house.
Posted by Kathleen Lordbock, Keller Williams Realty Professionals (Keller Williams Realty Professionals) almost 11 years ago

janeAnne,  Wow..that is difficult.  At first thought I wanted to say icynene...but in my particular home that would also need me to upgrade my HVAC.  Then I wanted to say GeoThermal...but with our lot sizes it is very difficult down here.

All of the others...hmm.  I guess I am with Mary on this one.  Energy Star Appliances.  Personally, I'm looking in to a Solar Powered Attic Fan right now.  :)

Posted by Stephanie Edwards-Musa, knitwit at thred UP ( almost 11 years ago
Wow! just reading through this again to find that this amazing home was sold for $300K!!! What a steal! Hi Performance features, amazing view for bargain prices! If anyone told me now is not the time to buy I'd not believe them! Great find!
Posted by Mary McGraw, 2015: Solar Energy Is Still A Simple Machine! (GLREA) almost 11 years ago
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Posted by lsonfnlioa almost 7 years ago

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