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From a Marketing Perspective LEED for Neighborhood Development

We've been introduced to  a new project of sizable interest to our clients. It's called,  LEED for Neighborhood Development   . If you are interested in the "green" niche market this is something new on the horizon that caught our attention. It takes into account a number of "True Green" facets that those of us watching the growing interest in green-built homes and eco-friendly land use and design certainly are noting with great interest. So I have a couple of questions today. . . 

First question: From a marketing perspective, how many of the following LEED 50+ features would you/your clients be attracted to when looking for eco-friendly homes, land, neighborhoods and eco-communities? (I've started this list with those I pay special attention to here in the mountains...)

Steep Slope Protection
Site Design for Habitat or Wetlands Conservation
Restoration of Habitat or Wetlands
Conservation Management of Habitat or Wetlands
Proximity to Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
Imperiled Species and Ecological Communities
Wetland and Water Body Conservation
Farmland Conservation
Floodplain Avoidance
Minimize Site Disturbance through Site Design
Light Pollution Reduction
Innovation in Design
Open Community
Universal Accessibility
Community Outreach and Involvement
Local Food Production 

Construction Activity Pollution Prevention
Certified Green Buildings
Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Reduced Water Use
Building Reuse and Adaptive Reuse
Reuse of Historic Buildings

 Housing and Jobs Proximity
Smart Location
Brownfield Redevelopment
High Priority Brownfields Redevelopment
Reduced Automobile Dependence
Bicycle Network
School Proximity 

Reduced Parking Footprint
Compact Development
Diversity of Uses
Diversity of Housing Types
Affordable Rental Housing
Affordable For-Sale Housing
Walkable Streets
Street Network
Transit Facilities
Transportation Demand Management
Access to Surrounding Vicinity
Access to Public Spaces  

 Contaminant Reduction in Brownfields Remediation
Stormwater Management
Heat Island Reduction
Solar Orientation
District Heating & Cooling
Infrastructure Energy Efficiency

Wastewater Management
Recycled Content for Infrastructure
Construction Waste Management
Comprehensive Waste Management

Just our eco-friendly clients at least 40 of the features above
will be significant ...

Second Question: How many LEED Certified homes do you have in your town?

Although, here in Asheville, N.C. we have many HealthyBuilt® Homes, (about 500) and the certification process and outcome is said to be on a par (or even better than) LEED...   There' only one LEED Certified home in our area! It's described as "....LEED certified home. Generous outdoor living space takes advantage of the gorgeous surroundings, while the interior showcases the latest in sustainable materials. Solar heat, hot water and electricity will minimize bills while maximizing comfort. A detached two-car garage with living space for a guest house..." and costs over $1M..

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janeAnne - It amazes me. When we look at property how much our minds process and we do not realize. We have been doing it for quite sometime and then we keep adding more and more that we pay attention.

When we comment to our clients they have the WOW factor that they did not think about. This is why we need professionals to help us purchase your next piece of property and help us sell if we want property.

I have not idea though on how many homes we have in the Raleigh area that are LEEF Certified.

Posted by Susan Trombley, Broker/Realtor, Raleigh, Cary, Wake Forest, Youngs (Trombley Real Estate) almost 12 years ago

janeAnne-This is an impressive list. I think the more things that you can tout the better. I think from the perspective of marketing this to the public, your most resonance is going to come with walkability, reduced automobile dependency and enegry efficiency. I think you are going to run into some NIMBYism when you bring brownfield stuff into the fray. Sounds great from a civic perspective, but not all are going to be in a brownfields redevelopment.

On the second question, I know of one LEED home thus far on island.


Posted by Pete Jalbert, R(S) (The Maui Real Estate Team, Inc. ) almost 12 years ago

janeAnne,  Over half of the items listed in LEED for neighborhoods are important to the people I work with.  Although we only have a few homes that have either an actual certification or are registered, there are close to triple digits more in the works.  Good stuff happening here. 

It's funny though.  Proximity to work and school, bike trails, etc...about half of the list, is very important in our market.  But very few consider or see it as green.  Just as convenience.

The City right now is on a Brownsfields kick.  Our Soccer stadium that is going to be built will be brownsfields, a recent park, and several other buildings are.  I recently joined the committee with the Greater Houston Partnership that is looking in to getting corporate sponsors.  'Brown to Green'  We have quite a bit of unusable land right now inside the City. (Downtown)  Not enough in one area to make a community out of, but parks and recreation, etc.  Which will then help with the Inner Loop LEED points in revitalization projects.

Looking at the list again, the City is making much of this mandatory.  Large Commercial Buildings (I believe over 10,000 sq ft) it's code now to be LEED Certified.  Any building remodel over that size as well, like what will be the Green Resource Center Downtown.


Posted by Stephanie Edwards-Musa, knitwit at thred UP ( almost 12 years ago


You hit on a key point, I think...that there's a common thread of old-fashioned wisdom weaving thorugh the "new" model...having to do with sustainability and the helpful relationships we have with our neighbors.

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) almost 12 years ago


I like the idea of walkability , too. Sometimes I think  that bike paths/trails are up there on the list, as well. The thing that appeals to many of our clients here in Asheville is something found "between the lines"...that neighborly feeling that comes when you walk down a tree-lined street and stop along the way to talk. . .

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) almost 12 years ago


At leaast half the list is important to your clients...good sign for green developers/remodelers...and good to know when, as real estate professionals, we plan for the direction of our business over the next many years.

Interesting you noted Brownfields. THAT is a subject for furuther discussion...especially in terms of re-development here in Asheville. I've written several posts about brownfields...and will send you the name of an investor/ contact if you'd like.

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) almost 12 years ago

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