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Due Diligence: A Party on the LAND

asheville green eco community planningWe've been doing lots of "due diligence"  on acreage and eco-community building sites this year. 

 We actually love this time period. It's a "party" where we get together with everyone and enjoy a project of the land-kind.

Here follows a series of posts on the typical  steps involved as we coordinate with land experts and professionals  the new land stewards and those who have been taking good care of the land for many years (or maybe for just a few years)..and  all of us aim toward a happy and  successful adventure. 

Step One: new land steward goes out onto the building site specifically to decide where to place the house, well and septic.

Oftentimes, the buyer/steward will seek the advice of land planners and designers, landscape architects, dowsers, solar-orientation folks and Permaculture experts before putting the initial footprint in place. (see photo I took to your left)

Timeframe:  In any case, there is a time-sensitive element to the due diligence process so we pay close attention to coordinate the review and decision themes..  Here in the mountains near Asheville, many home sites require septic evaluations (Perc tests)  so where the buyer/steward wants the home to be needs to be set out so that those responsible can apply for the septic permit.

We have found that  the house and well locations do NOT need to be EXACT....but the DO need to be flagged  so we also pay close attention during this time to make sure that ground flags to mark the drain field are in place.  

What Happens Next: As soon as the buyer/steward has decided about approximate building site location... 

  1. a sketch of the building site showing the approximate locations of home/septic/well is prepared.... the well will be at least 100' from the septic field.
  2. the septic permit  is then applied for (fee is involved) thing we note is that one never can tell how long it will take to get the Perc Test Folks out to do the test... the more time we allow for the septic folks to get out, the better it is...
  3. in the meantime, the Site for the perc test is prepared. Bright orange  ground flags are placed to mark the drain field and where several test holes will be dug. We coordinate the diggers who do the  clearing out the proposed septic area.  Requirements as shown on the sketch are 60 linear feet per bedroom with the trenches spaced at least 10 feet apart. There also needs to be a reserve area of equal size to the active septic area.  

For 3 bedrooms, there would need to be 180' plus 180' for a total of 360 linear feet. This could be six 60' long trenches in an area 60' by 60' wide. Or there could be four 90' trenches in an area 90' by 40' wide. Or three 120' trenches in an area 120' by 30'. you get the idea. 

So that's the start...and order to increase the solar gain, we let those involved know that they may want to think about putting the field on the south side of the house,  so any tree removal for the septic field will bring more light into the house. 

Stay and the next step will follow.


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Stay and the next step will follow.

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) almost 12 years ago

I love that you view it as a PaRtY!!!  It's all about perspective.  When it comes to the due diligence period things can be fun when everyone is involved and it's explained like this.  Thanks so much for taking the time to lay out the possible steps involved janeAnne.

It's good to see someone being mindful and thorough when it comes to land sales --thank you!

Posted by Rhodes Waite almost 12 years ago

It's great you have such a green philosophy! We're just a skip, hop, and a jump from you here in Murphy, NC, and it's amazing how "green" the mentality is there! Keep up the good work and it's sure to spread!

John Poltrock - -

Posted by John & Jessica Poltrock (RE/MAX Mountain Properties) almost 12 years ago


I agree with commented, " things can be fun when everyone is involved..." and that's a great point. When everyone has a stake in the process, it seems to go along smoothly...

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) over 11 years ago

John and Jessica~

Hope to do a referral business with you. Let us know about "green' properties in your area...we are excited about stewardship. . .

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) over 11 years ago

If I ever come across a time where I need to have land info I will surely come to your blog. I have not had a vacant land transaction yet (not too much open land like you have there) but if I have all the info!

Posted by Celeste "SALLY" Cheeseman, (RA) AHWD CRS ePRO OAHU HAWAII REAL ESTATE (Liberty Homes) over 11 years ago

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