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September 11th, Five Years Later ~ Asheville

SEPTEMBER 11th 2006

Today a number of REALTORS here in the Greater Asheville area are holding a place for change with compassion as Father Mychal Judge, chaplain to the NYC Firefighters asked when he gave the memorial sermon for the first World Trade Center bombing in 1995. He offered this...  "...May wisdom come to you and all in your discernment  and the light of dreams unfolding in the mirror of divinity!" How could any of us have known back in 1995 that there would be a massive challenge to his prayer only a few years later?

Now, five years after that second tragic event, we gather as a community to light candles and bring a special energy to that prayer. To some of us, it seems that we have come to new way of understanding ourselves in the context of our world, that we learned something along the way. But has "wisdom come" to us?

When pain of such enormous proportion touches all of us, even five years later, maybe that pain can spur us us become wise, even open the way to imagine mutually beneficial alternatives.

For example: At the 2006 Southern Energy Environment EXPO   here in Asheville, I happened on a booth where exhibitors handed out bumper stickers. The exhibitors explained. "We have a Department of Taxes and a Department of War...Isn't it time for us to create a Department of Peace?"

Healing: The outpouring of our finest emotions could salve wounds. Healing takes place when we come together as individuals and groups offering what we can. And so does pure possibility. My Grandmother told me the story of the Little Dutch Boy making it possible for time enough and a saving grace in his community, despite his earlier mishaps.Today I see the potential in that story as it relates to our September 11th Disaster. We can attend to the hole in our very human minds and hearts that is as big as Ground Zero. Maybe we could plug the hole, like the little Dutch Boy did....give ourselves some time. Maybe we could use this time to comfort and console. And then maybe, if we are wise, we could stem the tide of disillusionment, alienation and our communal illness.  

During times of disaster, it is obvious just how connected we are as a human family. Intertwined like the silken threads the spider spins. Each of us is linked in the fabric of the web.On this September 11th, Five Years in Asheville, we are gathering for a September 11th Candlelight Vigil for Change with Compassion. And we are including this year those who are suffering all over the world....


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