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Real Estate Market NICHES: How Do They REALLY Work? Stepping Up to Your Real Estate Niche, Part VIII

If you as a real estate professional, or as a potential client were looking for a market niche, could you recognize it by it's "Face"??

(photo of "face" by JT)

How would it appear, and how do real estate market NICHES work?-

First Step: To prepare for the series of posts on this subject, we've been taking a poll-asking

  a) if clients began looking
for properties they desired
      with broad criteria in mind, and

  b) if they soon  began  to get a specific leaning toward neighborhoods
      and properties that attracted them.

Poll results showed that both questions were answered in the affirmative.  


Next Step-Broker selection.

That's good news for us here in Asheville, NC. since our Firm specializes in eco-friendly properties here.  We are  "green buyers' brokers"  and service a well-defined niche market. And this is where our outreach at comes in.

 We love Localism because it has helped us to establish our "local expert" presence as well as the sustainable market we are targeting. At that point of entry it is easy for clients to find us.

 Too, our well-defined niche works in tandem with Active Rain to communicate with our special audience.  We consistently attempt to deliver compelling and focused information via posts on our blogs in the real estate web 2.0 environment.

 How can you stand out from the crowd?"  The answer - follow your passion, and then weave it into a tapestry of possibility....especially in a difficult real estate market,  a niche, and even better, interconnecting niches can work for you to create healthy opportunities.

20 Market Niches Could Form a Healthy Tapestry of Interconnecting Niches

Mountain Property

  1. Conservation real estate
  2. Land
  3. 1031 Investment Buyers and Sellers
  4. Small Family Farms
  5. Organic Garden/Farm Properties
  6. Horse farms
  7. Equestrian Estates
  8. Eco communities
  9. Cohousing
  10. Green-built Homes
  11. Green Retrofits
  12. Eco subdivisions
  13. Second and Vacation Homes
  14.  Family Compounds
  15. Land Legacies
  16. Urban Properties/Lofts
  17. Artists'/Artisans Workspaces
  18. Live-Work Properties
  19. EnergyStar® Rated Homes 
  20. Mountain Retreats, Private Communities and Resort Properties  

QUESTIONS: Do YOU see a network of related special finds? And do YOU have interconnected niches that work for you?


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    .......... keep on rolling into the sustainable  world you can create today and tomorrow!. .........................    .............

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You know I really was just going to comment because to date you had no comments.  I really like this article and it has given me much food for thought.  I am going to check out the links here too. Thank you great ideas here.

Posted by Mary Lockman, Methow Valley Real Estate (Windermere Real Estate Methow Valley) over 10 years ago

janeAnne, I love the way you have given so many great ideas on how to find a niche and then how to market to it.  Lots to think about and adapt to my own niche.  Thanks!

Posted by Evelyn Johnston, The People You Know, Like and Trust! (Friends & Neighbors Real Estate) over 10 years ago

'How can you stand out from the crowd? The answer - follow your passion, and then weave it into a tapestry of possibility...'

Right on, janeAnne! That is exactly what we are doing with our company -- following our passion and especializing in staging modern homes and lofts. We are establishing ourselves as the expert in our area and targeting the right audience.

Thank you for the excellent post -- it reminds us to keep carving out our niche and stay focused! You got us hooked on your blogs!

Best wishes,


Posted by Claudia Andrade-Desbiens Los Angeles Modern Staging, Home Staging Los Angeles & Orange County (Modern Mecca Home Staging, Luxury & Architectural Real Estate Staging, Los Angeles, CA) over 10 years ago

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