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Asheville NC Neighborhoods Lakeview Park -The Favorite READ ABOUTS . Part 4

AshevilleNC Neighborhoods Lakeview Park -The Favorite READ ABOUTS . Part 4
from the Neighborhoods We  Love  Series-

LAKEVIEW PARK, North Asheville's Elegant and Understated Gem

As I mentioned in an earlier post not more than five minutes from downtown Asheville, you will find Beaver Lake and Asheville's lovely Lakeview Park Neighborhood . Convenient to downtown Asheville, both shine like diamonds in the North Carolina sun.

Though private, the lake has been a popular public spot since its creation in the early 1920s. Beaver Lake is located at a broad enough to embrace a sustainable  community, including the inviting lake itself and an 18-hole golf course .


All this is just two miles from the center  of Asheville.   According to the Lakeview Park Organization,  the finest ".... charms of Beaver Lake is its gently curving and undulating topography, almost like a succession of billowing waves, with homesites on the crests and winding streets and parkways between. A very remarkable landscape indeed."

Since the 1920's Lakeview Park, centered around Beaver Lake, and  following a plan made by city planner Dr. John Nolen John Nolen (June 14, 1869 - February 18, 1937), indeed , in our opinion, has been and continues to be a neighborhood of special charm.



Homes: Lakeview park  design includes tree-lined boulevards with views of mountains and Beaver Lake and winding roads that  accentuate the thoughtful planning of Nolen.  Sloping land leads to "upscale"  homes of a variety of styles. These may be eco- renovated  bungalows or mansions. (see photos)  

Neighbors: Like most neighborhoods in Asheville, NC, the folks who reside in the Lakeview Park neighborhood (many of whom are "Cultural Creatives  -- architects, designers, teachers, authors, doctors, poets, lawyers, and gallery artists) are known for their love of good stewardship of land and homes.  

Here you certainly will  meet and wave hello to neighbors  jogging, running, walking, biking, bird watching, watching the sun set, picnicking,  canoeing  (see photo) and visiting along the way.  


NeighborhoodParks, Greenspace, & Hangouts: We walk  around Beaver Lake  almost every week, throughout the seasons.  

It is beautiful no matter what time of year. We visit our neighbors, continue to be amazed with the views of the surrounding mountains, sweet picnic spots, colorful canoes glidingby and a sense of "all's right" that seems to be in the air.. and all of this is within easy walking range, or bio-diesel bus transportation,of  the North Asheville branch of the  library, an amazing French Bakery and coffee shoppe, schools and churches.  


The Neighborhood BUZZ:  The Neighborhood BUZZ: Since we live in this area, we are privy to the latest news and "buzz"...Here are the 10 favorite things to love about the Lakeview Park neighborhood

1.       The history of the Lake

2.       Nature's amenities

3.       Friendliness of neighbors as they sail boats from lakeside

4.       Sustainable practices and stewardship of residential properties

5.       Walking around the neighborhood

6.       Quiet elegance

7.       Walking around the Lake

8.       The Bird Sanctuary

9.       Proximity to the Library and Market

10.      Diversity of residents  


Pet -Friendly: yes...and leash laws apply

UPDATE- 2011 Price Range: $300K to $2.5M  Homes Available :  14


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