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Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009 Part 7 AWARENESS

Asheville- Real Estate Web 2.0 & BUILDING CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS 2009      Part 7  The Key to Success 

 Building Relationships ::  I have gone on and on about in this 7-part series (I didn't expect it to be so lengthy when I started.)  My eco-friendly colleagues and I have developed a Sustainable Plan of Action. We ended up with what appears to be a tried and truechecklist.  We have found that is can and does support meaningful and effective dialog...both online and real-time. Communication assists and prepares all parties involved. This is especially true, we have discovered, in terms of  what's expected from each of us during the due diligence period.

And communication can offer a crystal clear picture of "how to hook up the horses and in what direction to head."

Right from the start  we try to "coral" everyone so that we all are aware of the transaction details. (see photo)

Our Transaction Coordinator is the consummate professional. He knows that details are important because it is in those details that transactions can get bogged down and even he is the Lead Horse of Details.. The road can be  pretty bumpy, even uncomfortable unless certain expectations and insights are in place.

Successful Real Estate Transactions : The Plan of Action

A colleague, a seasoned REALTOR® insists that successful closing events are the result of  healthy "shock absorbers".

When all the "shock absorbers" involved are working as they should, the normal bumps we encounter in every due diligence period are no big  deal, and a happy closing is just around the corner.
But watch out if the "shock absorbers" aren't in proper working condition.

I don't like shocks. I do NOT fancy acrimony at the closing you??

So it seems to be that the Win/Win scenario in real estate transactions centers on awareness.

AWARENESS :: An actual condition of everyone involved.

AWARENESSaffects how all the thousand moving parts work . By understanding this, and bringing our energy and good will to the project,  we can achieve a prosperous "flow" where everyone is satisfied. Based on this, and after much rumination and a good-deal of testing
we came up with THIS Plan of Action:

1. We focus on encouraging a keen awareness of the overall picture and important details

2. We offer objective fiduciary counsel and advanced training and designations in our market niche. 

3. We give our energy to the process

Some people may tell you that the role you play in a real estate is all about the WIN. Over the years we have found that it's more personalthan that. Building client relationships means taking into accoutn ALL those involved ....  As one of my great heroes puts it:

 "What is most needed in order to accomplish this task is the great art of intimacy and distance: the capacity of beings to be totally present to each other while further affirming and enhancing the differences and identities of each." - Thomas Berry


(*)/'(*)    .......... keep on rolling into the sustainable  world you can create today and tomorrow!. .........................    .............

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I don't like shocks. I do NOT fancy acrimony at the closing you??

Posted by . 4Terra Land Brokers .. 828-776-0779 Asheville NC, What's Most Important to YOU? Call(828)-776-0779 ( REAL ESTATE RESOURCES & NETWORK ) over 10 years ago

janeAnne--Definitely no shocks!!!  It is true, everyone needs to be on the same page and any "shocks" that come up need to be dealt with in as swift a manner as possible!  I've found clients can handle most anything (after the initial shock) if there is enough time to absorb and deal with it.  We need to keep them in the loop on anything that comes up!

Posted by Tamara Perlman (Referral Network Inc.) over 10 years ago

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